Essential Things to Consider When Buying Medical Scrubs

Nurses and doctors prefer wearing scrub as their uniforms. Scrubs are composed of loose pants and tops and are considered a standard uniform in most hospitals worldwide. While some hospitals have strict regulations with their scrubs in terms of the cut, fit, and color, other medical institutions allow their staff to wear scrubs according to their personal choice.

Most male nurses today are naturally fashionable. They have to look great whether they’re at work, in casual gatherings, or any other events. Since scrubs will be your working buddy most of the time, it helps to go for something that suits your personality. Here are some tips you should consider to find the best Cherokee scrubs for men.

Cheap vs. Expensive

They say quality comes with a price; this is generally true, especially when buying scrubs. You should be willing to spend some more money to get the best pair from a reputable manufacturer. Never compromise quality over a few cheap pairs. Remember, your shift at the hospital is expected to be crucial and busy all the time. The last thing you want is to get bothered by stitches coming out from your scrubs, right? Keep your attention on quality always.

Trendy vs. Basic

No one knows you better than yourself. If you’re a simple and more laid back person, it’s okay to wear the most basic scrubs every day, so long as you are comfortable. But as you look around your workplace, have you noticed your colleagues with trendy and fashionable scrubs? Donning on the newest fashion trends in scrubs is an excellent decision, although this will depend on the comfort it gives you. But how will you know if you won’t try, right? Who knows, going for the trendier and more stylish ones can further boost your self-confidence.

Round vs. Square vs. Mock Wrap vs. V-Neck

Scrubs come in several neck cuts. But as long as the fit is comfortable, then you’re good. Choosing between several neck cuts is just like deciding whether you go for the basic or the more stylish scrubs. You can even try scoop necks, u-shape, or split neck cuts provided that your employer approves these style aspect.

Chest Pocket or No Chest Pocket

When going for comfortable scrubs, also consider its usefulness. What do you usually put inside the chest pocket? How important are these things? If you think the storage space that a chest pocket provides is useful on your end, then go for the one with this add-on. Otherwise, drop the idea if you feel like putting a chest pocket adds distress to your shoulders and neck.

Patch Pocket or No Patch Pocket

Next to cellphones and pens, healthcare workers have medical instruments with them, most of the time. Since you will carry a stethoscope, a patient’s chart, and some other equipment on your hand, pockets are helpful to store other important things.

Colored vs. White

White generally reflects nurses and doctors. While this color looks very neat and immaculate, white is a dirt magnet. Good thing, however, that there are clinics, medical institutions, and even big hospitals that give their employees a freehand in picking out the color of the nurse uniform. Before you buy Cherokee scrubs for men, ask for the color scheme of your employer.

These are some considerations to factor in while you’re scouting for scrubs. Know what you want before you buy your pair.