Create A Study Space That Is Both Calming And Comfortable

When it comes to studying, having a space that’s conducive to concentration and focus is essential. You can’t do your best work when you’re surrounded by distractions or when you have to perch on a hard dining chair! With that in mind, here are our top tips for helping you to create the perfect comfortable and calming study space that will help you to achieve the results that you need and deserve!

Choose A Spot

The first step to making a comfortable and calming study space is to choose the right spot. You’ll need to select somewhere that’s right for you and that will ensure you aren’t disturbed. It’s no good choosing a spot in a family room where children and pets are going to be running through your space every few minutes. Select a space that’s easily accessible and secluded and that you can adapt to suit your preferences.

Natural Light is Important

Whenever possible, you should choose a study space that has plenty of natural light. Try to choose a space which is near a window so you can maximize the amount of daylight you can enjoy while you work. This has been shown to help you study more effectively. If you can’t find a spot near a window, try to place a mirror to reflect the light in the space so you can add more vitality and warmth to your study area. Make sure, however, that you’re not going to be looking directly into the light while you’re working as this could hurt your eyes and prevent you from working properly. It’s often better, if you’re reading, to have your back to the light so your pages can be properly illuminated.

Setting The Tone

It’s been shown that classical music is best for concentration so get some Bluetooth speakers or install a CD player and play some Mozart! You should also think about buying some plants as houseplants not only make the room feel more serene but they also improve the quality of your indoor air. Choose a plant which is low maintenance so you won’t need to spend too much time caring for it and enjoy the peace that it brings to your study environment.

Customize Your Room

Studying should be a positive experience and customizing your space can help you to associate good things with your study time. Think about how your space can be turned into a more conducive environment. Clear up any clutter in the space and put up some family photos or artwork that you really love to keep you motivated.

A Comfortable Chair

You can’t focus on your work if you haven’t got anywhere comfortable to sit. It probably isn’t a great idea to flop down on your couch with your workbooks since you won’t be able to concentrate properly but it’s also probably a bad idea to sit at the dining table too. Finding a compromise is important. A good office chair is often a great solution. With a well padded seat and adjustable functions, you can raise and lower an office chair to suit your work surface and get the right height to ensure that you’re super cozy while you study.

A Soft Pillow

Sometimes, if you’re reading, it just isn’t practical to sit at a desk. However curling up on your sofa or bed isn’t always as comfortable as it could be. Finding the right pillow for reading can be a challenge, but if you check all details here, you’re sure to find a cozy pillow that will help you to stay comfortable while you work.

An Adjustable Desk

Sometimes, a bit of versatility is what you need when you’re working. You don’t always want to be sitting down, so an adjustable desk could be the answer. Standing desks can be raised up or down to suit your needs, so you can increase your blood flow without having to stop work! Of course they can also be lowered too, so you can get just the right height to suit the chair that you’re sitting in.

Follow these top tips and your study space will be welcoming and comfortable but won’t distract you from your work!