Build a Better Backyard Bar in 2019


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As the calendar turns and dark winter days slowly grow longer, allow yourself to envision the not-so-distant prospects of summer socializing. To optimize your outdoor entertainment potential, why not consider turning some available backyard space into a venue that guests will truly appreciate? Here are some tips on setting up an outdoor bar and planning summer gatherings.

Start with the Basics

Assuming you have a backyard, patio, or terrace that’s spacious enough, take a look around and select the ideal spot to set up your outdoor bar. If you don’t have enough shade, create it with freestanding umbrellas. Note the ambiance of your space when selecting the shape and color of your bar table and deciding between chairs and stools.

Aesthetically-pleasing bins that match the decor enable you to store basic items on the spot rather than continually be transporting what you need in and out of the house. Be sure to include an ice cooler or mini-fridge to keep drinks chilled.

Have an ample assortment of wine glasses, shot glasses, beer mugs, and other appropriate stemware on hand, depending upon the drinks you are planning to serve.

Select Drinks and Snacks

Depending upon your event, stock your outdoor bar with a full array of drinks or with a limited selection of beer and wine. A fully stocked bar includes whiskey, tequila, vodka, gin, rum, and bourbon as well as mixers necessary to prepare your favorite cocktails.

If you want to avoid tending bar full-time, consider filling drink dispensers with the cocktails pre-mixed. Alternatively, for a light summer occasion, you may choose to proffer a few summer ales or light beers in a tubful of ice along with a nice rose and possibly a sangria for the wine aficionados.

Usually when guests quaff beverages, they enjoy munching on light snacks. These may include crackers, cheese, chips, olives, and assorted nuts. Display the snacks in attractive plates and bowls along with napkins, toothpicks, and other needed utensils.

Consider the Decor

It’s simple and attractive to decorate your outdoor area to match various themes by adding outdoor rugs and appropriate artwork. Table centerpieces can include sprays of fresh blossoms, flowers floating in glass bowls, or baskets of pine cones. Festive lighting adds elegance to summer parties. Try setting up tiki torches to create an exotic ambiance. You can also place votive candles or candles atop wine bottles on the tables.

Provide an Attractive Table Setting

For a coordinated look, select your tablecloth, place settings, and decorations in the same colors and patterns. To keep food fresh and safe from pests, cover it with wire domes. In warm weather remember to serve food promptly, at least within an hour of leaving the oven, stove, or fridge. For a large gathering, you may want to set up a buffet table and let the guests serve themselves, but if your event is more intimate, serve the food in bowls that you can pass around from guest to guest.

It’s simple and fun to plan and execute your outdoor bar set up to get you ready to host a spring or summer event. Set it up, select your drinks and cuisine, invite your guests, and enjoy yourselves!