Benefits of Using Kiln Dried Firewood

You need the right type of wood for various reasons. The goal is to find wood that burns hot but does not produce a lot of smoke. Dried wood is standard because it allows the fire to last long, but limits smoke emission. Traditional drying is an effective way of doing it. However, kiln drying is now becoming a popular alternative. These are the top benefits of using this type of firewood, and why you need to give it a try.

It takes less time to dry

Kiln drying is a lot faster than traditional drying. With conventional drying, it takes around 6-20 months to dry depending on the kind of wood used. However, kiln drying can cut the entire process by half the time. Therefore, if you are searching for quality wood without having to wait for a long time to use it, kiln dried woodis a great option.

The wood is healthy

One of the problems plaguing the wood industry is the rise of diseased wood. There are lots of pathogens affecting the health of wood. As a result, it is difficult to burn the wood. With kiln drying, it requires high temperature to dry the wood. In the process, pathogens die. When you buy this type of wood, you have the guarantee that you can fully utilise it.

Reduced smoke

Smoke that comes from wood smells terrible. If you are using wood for indoor purposes like stoves and fireplaces, it is not a good idea to use wood that emits a lot of smoke. Kiln dried wood is a perfect option since it does not produce too much smoke. The moisture content is low due to the drying process. Therefore, it provides virtually no smoke. Not only will the home continue having a pleasant smell, but it will also prevent the risk of a fire.

Wood burns longer

Of course, if the wood burns longer, it produces more heat. Therefore, you need not use more wood to keep the fire going. Compared with traditionally seasoned wood, kiln dried wood burns at a slower rate. If you are using the wood for your fireplace, you only need a little to keep you warm throughout the night. For cooking purposes, this wood is also a good option. There is no need to keep replacing the wood as it does not quickly run out.

It is widely available

More people are using kiln dried wood these days. Therefore, you can easily find it whenever you need it. It might be a bit more expensive than traditionally seasoned wood, but given all the benefits, you won’t mind spending more. Besides, if you are worried about having optimal heat during the long, winter nights, you better prepare now by buying kiln dried wood.

Try using this type of wood, and you will realise that it is a good option for you. You can also order kiln dried wood online if you want delivery to your home.