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Who doesn’t like to party? I don’t think anyone would say no to have a quality time with likeminded people. Everyone gets excited when they hear the word “party.” The noun achieves a whole new level of awesomeness when it becomes “beach party.”

If you or your friend is planning to throw a bachelor’s beach party, you need to get a lot of different tasks like inviting your friends, arranging drinks, setting up musical instruments, and lots more. All of this is a must if you want to have quality time with your gang to celebrate a special occasion like your birthday, anniversary, or even graduation. No one can afford to ignore the idea of having fun on the beach, but it goes superlative when you have all the arrangements ready for your guests. Before you join the festivity, your first task would be to select the perfect outfit for the beach party.

It is not a typical swim session alone, it is a party with many people, and you do want to look dashing in your attire. Keeping that in mind, we have provided five basic, yet unique ideas for a very welcoming occasion to get your party mood on.

  1. SWIM TRUNKS: These are typically above your knee and are quite comfortable since they have room for air. Since you are planning to wear them at a party, try and play with the colors and design a bit. If the party is themed, follow the specific theme. Usually, people get these shorts in colors such as blue, yellow, and other pastel colors. These trunks are pretty cool during summers because they let air pass in, keeping you relaxed at all times! The most unique and helpful part about them is that they have an elastic waist, rather than a lace.
  2. SWIM BRIEFS: Here comes the sexier option! Yes, this one might get all the ladies drooling on you because not only will it make you stand out, you will be the center of attention for the evening! This swimsuit will be way above your knees, showing off all those muscles on your thighs, and that is the best part. Once again, experiment it with different colors and designs to make the most out of this men’s sexy underwear that is now a swimsuit for you!
  3. BOARD SHORTS: This piece of clothing was historically made for surfing, as its name reflects, but now they are used for swimming as well. The main difference between these and swim trunks is the fact that board shorts do not have an elastic waist. Instead, they have lace. Moreover, they are more rectangle-shaped and hence will give you a different yet attractive outlook!

So, get ready to face a creative and innovative shopping time. You can add on a deep chest vest with these board shorts as well, and white ones go the best. This combo can be extraordinarily dashing and can be the best one you have had in a while! Since the shorts are incredibly airy and relaxing, you can spend all day partying and jamming to your favorite songs in them without having to get a change of clothes from home. Save time and effort, because it’s party time!

  1. SWIM JAMMERS: This is an entirely different option from the ones we have discussed above. Jammers are skin-tight apparel that mostly professional swimmers wear. They barely have space for air to pass by, but if bought of the right quality, they can be flexible and relaxing. They show your physique in a prominent and better way, and if you do know swimming quite well, this one may be the best one for you! The best colors are dark, for sure, so go with black, navy blue, dark grey, and similar colors (get the hint!). It’s also an excellent way to let people think that you can both swim and party hard, even though you’re just an amateur!
  2. MONOKINI: As the name possibly suggests, monokinis are for the ladies, but this time we have a creative twist. Even though these may not be the most comfortable apparel for men, because it is generally associated with women, it is still one of the most creative ones out there. If you are someone who wants to break the gender stereotypes, be funny and just stand out amongst the crowd as the most original one, then this is the right swimsuit for you! One downside is that you may not be able to wear them all day long, so you should have a pair of spare clothes for the rest of the party. Some cool colors to experiment are orange, red, green, yellow, and all the other tropical colors. If it is a summer party, this could be your icebreaker!


The key to being creative is the color, pattern, or design of the piece you are wearing. For a summer party, you can go with stuff such as suns, cocktails, oranges, etc. printed on your shorts. For a more extreme party, you could buy things that have beers, socks, wine glasses, and electric shocks printed on it. In the case of swim trunks, here are some outstanding ideas to follow. You can replicate them in whatever apparel you choose. Remember, be yourself in whatever you wear. Your outfit should be a perfect representation of you and your personality so that you party your heart out with originality – of your character. Make the most out of it, live every second on the beach with your loved ones, and make innumerable memories!