A Comprehensive Guide To Reducing Your Family’s Carbon Footprint

The phrase “carbon footprint” is one that, thankfully, has recently entered the nation’s psyche and vernacular and, as a result, more and more families across the United States and beyond are committing themselves to reducing their carbon footprint for the good of nature, the environment, and the preservation of the planet for future generations. Here is an overview of the concept of the carbon footprint and what you can do to reduce yours.

What Exactly Is A Carbon Footprint?

Essentially, your carbon footprint is basically the amount of carbon dioxide that is automatically released into the atmosphere and environment as a direct result of your actions—be those actions at home, in the office, or when running errands or traveling from one destination to another.

What Will Happen If Action Is Not Taken?

Not to sound like the proverbial prophet of doom, but if every individual across the country—and indeed the planet—does not make an effort to significantly reduce their carbon footprint, climate change will speed up at an astronomical rate and the world as we know it will, sooner rather than later, be in serious jeopardy.

If action is not taken to reduce individuals’, companies’, communities’, and countries’ output of carbon emissions, starting as soon as possible, then the following events are likely to occur:

  • The sea levels will rise
  • The coral reefs will degrade exponentially
  • Arctic Sea ice is at risk of melting entirely
  • Human beings will be exposed to extreme and very regular, intolerable heatwaves
  • There will be a substantial increase in worldwide flood risks
  • Both animals and plants will be at risk of losing over half of their natural habitat

Large Changes That Governments And Global Companies Are Making

There are many ways in which local and national governments—as well as global and smaller businesses—are making changes to ensure their carbon footprint is continuously reviewed and lowered.

These changes include accurately and consistently measuring their overall emissions, switching to an eco-friendly energy supplier, changing the habits of the entire workforce in terms of commuting, using greener and ethically sourced software, and even adapting and changing their pension scheme to a company that dedicates a portion of their profits to a reputable climate fund.

Small Changes To Lower Your Family’s Carbon Footprint

One of the oft-quoted and unequivocally effective changes you could make is to change your own and your family’s eating habits and switching to a vegan lifestyle.

Whether you often cook at home, or are regulars at local pubs and restaurants in your area, there are a multitude of extensively informative and easy-to-digest online websites and physical stores that specialize in educating people about veganism. Search for vegan food near me now and make the change today.

Other effective and affordable changes you and your family can make are to use public transport more often, use snuggly blankets and throws instead of switching on the central heating in your home, using only energy-efficient lightbulbs, using a smart meter, regulating your water consumption, and avoiding the purchase of plastic bags and packaging.