8 Fun Summer Date Ideas To Enjoy In The Sunshine

If you’re hoping to enjoy a bit of summer romance this season, luckily there are plenty of fun romantic activities you can do that aren’t just dinner or drinks. With warmer weather and longer evenings, summer presents the perfect opportunity to enjoy some unforgettable dates. Here are just a few of our favourite ideas:

Watch an outdoor movie

If you live near an outdoor cinema, you’ve got your evening sorted. Cozy up under the stars enjoying some great movies and munching on some delicious snacks. If you don’t live near an outdoor cinema, why not make your own? Set up a projector in the garden, set out some comfy seating and blankets and you’ve got yourself your very own outdoor cinema.

Go on a bike ride

A bike ride in the sun is a great way to chat whilst enjoying some great scenery and getting some good exercise. It’s the perfect way to make the most of a sunny day and if you fancy a laugh, you could hire a tandem bike and put your teamwork skills to the test. Pack a picnic and you’ve got yourself an entire romantic day planned out.

Visit a botanical garden

There are some spectacular botanical gardens to explore in the UK, all best enjoyed in great company. Summer is the best time to visit botanical gardens as the flowers will be in bloom and looking at their most spectacular. You’re bound to encounter some amazing views, setting the perfect backdrop for a romantic day spent together.

Make a campfire

There’s nothing more romantic than cosying up next to a roaring fire and with the evenings getting longer, summer is the best time to enjoy a date night by the fire. Grab the blankets and the marshmallows and you’ve got a memorable romantic evening sorted (and S’mores!).

Try a new watersport

There’s nothing better than being on the water when the weather’s hot, and if you’re looking for a date that’s a bit different this summer, heading out for some water sports is guaranteed to be a fun time. Kayaking, paddle-boarding, canoeing (the list goes on) are all great fun. If you’re trying out a new activity why not book onto an instructor session together?

Go fruit picking

Visiting a fruit farm and picking your own produce is a fantastic opportunity to get some quality time together in an outdoor setting. You could always pack a picnic and go and enjoy your pickings afterwards in a relaxed spot in the sunshine.

Watch the sunset

It might be a cliché but is there really a more romantic view than a sunset? Make the most of the long summer evenings outside by pulling up a blanket, grabbing some wine and chilling out away from the rest of the world.

Play mini golf

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition to get sparks flying, and a classic game of mini golf does just that. It’s a bit of old- fashioned fun to enjoy in the sunshine, and if you’re on a first date it’s a great way to break the ice.