7 Interesting And Easy Methods To Reduce Your Household Plastic Waste

Plastic waste is a huge issue for our world. It is all over landfills and ends up hurting the environment from production to disposal. How can you be sure to do what is necessary in regards to these things? How can you reduce the plastic waste that your home is producing? Here are 7 tips to make that process easier.

1. Stop Using Straws! Plastic straws that just get thrown out are one of the biggest forms of waste out there. If you stop using straws, you can help to reduce the amount of waste that you’re putting into the environment on a regular basis.

2. Buy Boxes Instead of Bottles of Detergent and Other Home Cleaning Supplies. There are often other options that you can get in boxes instead of buying plastic bottles. These include detergents, cat litter, baking soda, and more. Look at what’s out there for you to purchase.

3. Have Reusable Grocery Bags Available For Everything You Purchase and Take With You. Whether you get bulk order reusable bags or you purchase them from your local grocery store, you will find that it’s really beneficial to go ahead and have these on hand. You can use them for shopping, lunches, workout bags, and a number of other things that you may have used plastic bags for in the past.

4. Reuse Your Glass Containers. Whether you like salsa, spaghetti sauce, or something in between, you’ll find it useful to clean those glass containers out and keep them on hand for storage and whatever other things that you may be trying to do.

5. Stop Eating Frozen Foods. Frozen foods use a lot of plastic, from the seal to the tray that it’s in. Try to find options that use recycled plastic or that don’t use plastic at all. Or, even better, take the time and cook instead! It’s healthier and better for the environment as well.

6. Use Reusable Containers (Mugs, Bottles, Etc.). A lot of us will use bottled water and other such things in order to get what we need. Instead, consider using mugs, bottles, and other reusable containers in order to try and reduce the amount of waste that you’re dealing with. Finding new products for this can go a long way.

7. Use Cloth Diapers and Reusable Feminine Products. Diapers, pads, tampons, and other products that are used for bodily functions and such can be problematic when you’re trying to reduce waste. Cloth diapers, menstrual cups, and other options can be very beneficial and ensure that you’re doing your part in reducing the amount of plastic that we’re dealing with on a daily basis.

Consider these as you’re looking to be the best that you can in regards to reducing household waste. Take a look at what your local community offers as well and learn as much as you can so that you can play a role in helping to reduce the amount of plastic that is in our environment.