6 Gifts for people always losing stuff

We all know at least one person who is constantly losing their phone, keys, and everything in between. If you don’t know someone like this, you are this person!

So rather than wasting money on a gift that they can inevitably lose, we’re sharing the ultimate gift guide for people who might not be the best at keeping their belongings safe.

Portable phone charging cable

While we all love a spontaneous night out or sleepover, our smartphones don’t. This is why most of us are well equipped with a charger in our bag for all those ‘just in case moments.’ Yet, if you’ve got a friend who is always borrowing your charger, perhaps it’s time to get them one of their own.

Charging cables come in tons of portable options now, too – you can even get ones to wear as a bracelet.

Magnetic wall strips

Magnetic wall strips are the perfect décor for anyone who is hopeless when it comes to keeping hair grips, safety pins, or other stationery safe. When tidying up, they can just stick everything to the strip so that it’s easy to find again.

Straps for glasses

Whether they’re always losing their glasses or keep leaving their sunglasses places when out and about, a simple pair of straps will save you any more hassle. Just-glasses.co.uk offers packs of glasses straps so they’ll never lose their trusty glasses again.

A key hook

Leaving keys by the door would save a lot of time in the morning. Imagine just waking up, getting ready, and not having to rush around the house trying to find the house or car keys? A hook for keys, a bowl on a side table, or even a small shelf will help keep heading out the door quick and simple. All you have to do is remind them to put the keys on the hook when they come in… good luck!

Cardholder phone case

We’ve all done it: swapped out a coat or bag and forgotten to transfer our purse or card, but it happens to some more often than others. That’s why a card holding phone case is the perfect gift for your forgetful friend. There’s no excuse for them not to have their card on them whenever they leave the house. Unless they’re going to be without their phone for the whole day – which is unlikely.

A bunch of trackers

Bluetooth sensors are nothing new, but the technology is getting much better. Now, you can get a sensor for all your keys, wallet, and phone and never lose anything again. Simply stick or connect the device to all your belongings and use your phone app (if you’ve not lost it) to locate everything you need.

With this ultimate gift list, you, or your forgetful friend, will know exactly where everything is at any moment in time. Your glasses, phone, keys, and wallets will never be left behind again! We think we’ve covered all the essentials, but are we forgetting anything?