6 Brilliant Babymoon Ideas For You and Yours This Summer

pregnant woman and man walking on beach

Figure 1 by Vitor Pinto on Unsplash

Got a bun in the oven? As exciting as this time is, you’re both experiencing a mix of emotions while preparing to enter a completely new and unknown season. Make sure you and your significant other make it count!

A babymoon is becoming an increasingly popular activity for expectant moms and dads. It’s the perfect opportunity for some good old-fashioned couple romance. Need some inspiration? Here are six summer ideas.

A Camping Resort

Keen to head out into nature and get some fresh air? Forget about pitching tents and sleeping on an inflatable mattress. Do camping in style, the glamping way! There are plenty of glamping resorts offering luxurious tents—from eco-cottage to five-star hotel treatment!

Sleep under the stars, listen to the birds and enjoy lovely long walks and your beautiful surrounds, without the effort of actually setting up camp.

Too pricey? Try DIY glamping instead. It’s creative, fun, and you can do it anywhere – even in your back garden!

A City Tour

Always wanted to visit a certain city? Whether you have art galleries, fine dining, shopping sprees, the theatre, museum meanderings or some top tourist spots to tick off your bucket list, now’s your chance!

A hop-on hop-off bus tour is an excellent way to see a lot, plus you’ll do less walking! Even so, wear comfortable clothes & shoes and pack plenty of snacks and water to keep you going.

Can’t afford to travel far? Explore your home city! Chances are you haven’t embraced all it offers. Be a tourist in your own neighbourhood for a weekend—you’ll be surprised at your discoveries!

An Overseas Adventure

Provided your baby’s due date isn’t too close, take an epic overseas trip. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to see the cherry blossoms in Japan, or go on a Mediterranean cruise.

Maybe you’d like to admire ancient European architecture or see the Egyptian pyramids. Travelling is an ideal couple bonding opportunity, and you’ll fondly remember your adventures for years ahead.

A Tropical Island Getaway

If golden sands, spotless skies and crystal blue waters are calling, it’s time for a tropic island getaway! Book a package deal at a private island resort and commence honeymoon number two!

Soak up the sun and get some much-needed down time lazing around the beachfront or poolside. Try out the delicious fresh fruit and local delicacies & get a taste of carefree island life.

A Spa Treatment

One of the best ways to unwind before baby comes is a spa treatment. If you’ve never had a couples’ massage, book one now!

Either do this locally or at a hotel or island resort. You’ll feel fantastic AND relieve some stress.

A Staycation

Wish you could do all of this, but your finances don’t currently permit? Plan the best staycation ever, from the comfort of your own home! Don’t miss out on any fun when you can bring it to your door.

There are numerous date activity ideas to try at home and time will fly! The best part? You’re in your happy place where you’re most comfortable and in each other’s company.


Now’s your chance to maximise your time before life as you know it changes forever… and for the better! Don’t underestimate the value of packing in as much quality couple time as possible before your bundle of joy arrives.