5 Tips For Parents Of New Drivers

The moment that your child is ready to drive can be a challenging moment in parenting. Unlike riding a bicycle on the sidewalk, driving a car on the road is a much different story.

It’s normal to feel protective and anxious about ensuring their safety. However, kids have to grow up one day. Teaching your child to drive won’t just give them a greater sense of responsibility, but them being independently mobile can benefit your schedule as well.

Here are some of the best tips for parents of new teen drivers.

Ensure They’re Ready

Before you hand over the keys of the jeep, there are certain factors you should consider first. Ask yourself whether you really think they are ready. They should be mature enough to understand the dangers that come along with the road. If they’re overly eager, they could put themselves in danger, and risk getting into a serious car accident.

Have a conversation with them about how ready they feel about taking the wheel. If you hesitate even for a moment that they may be lacking the maturity, then you should wait until a later time.

Practice Makes Perfect

Passing your driving test is only the first step to becoming an experienced driver. It’s vital for you to get in as much practice as possible with them in the beginning stages.

If possible, take them driving in places where there is no one else around. Practicing off the road is an excellent chance for learning how to apply the brakes and manipulate the steering wheel.

Try to help them practice as much as you can before letting them drive in traffic.

Set Guidelines

It’s important for you to discuss what the rules are with your team driver. Go over what is and is not acceptable when driving the vehicle.

Set rules in place like curfews, who can go in the car, and what parts of the city they should stay away from.

By setting guidelines, you’ll avoid any gray areas. When the rules are firmly set in place, there is no excuse for straying from what they’ve been told

Ensure Your Car Is In Good Condition

Before allowing your teen to drive in your car, you should make sure that it’s in perfect working condition. Ensure that the brakes are tightened, the tires have plenty of air, and that the engine is in order.

The last thing you want to do is worry that your child may get into an accident due to lack of maintenance.

Be Encouraging

It’s easy to worry and criticize your child when they first learn to drive. However, learning to drive is no different from learning anything else. By being encouraging and positive, they’ll gain the confidence that it takes in order to succeed.