5 Tips For Driving Safely With Your Infant

It’s essential that you know the right precautions in order to keep your infant out of harm’s way while driving. From the minute you leave the hospital you’ll need to ensure that your baby is safely installed in a car for their trip home.

happy toddler boy sitting in the car seat

If you’ve never had a baby before, you may not be familiar with all of the safety standards. If you do get into an accident, you want to make sure that your baby is as well protected as possible. Take a look at some of the most important things to do to keep your baby safe while driving.

Buy a High-Quality Car Seat

New infant car seats don’t come cheap. However, the reason for this is because they’re constantly being developed and updated to offer the maximum amount of safety.

Seats are put through rigorous testing to ensure that they protect your baby as much as possible in the event of a collision.

Make sure to do plenty of research online to get a feel for the best models out there. Price isn’t always an indication of quality either. Choose the one that’s got the best all-around score. You can rest assured that your baby is in good hands while your hands are behind the wheel.

Familiarize Yourself With State Laws

The laws on car seat weight and age restrictions vary from state to state. It’s vital to make sure that you’re familiar with your state’s specific regulations to avoid hefty fines.

Install Your Child’s Seat Properly

Your baby’s seat should be rear facing and properly attached. Your seat should come with a handbook which clearly outlines how to install the seat.

If you’re still confused, you can watch a YouTube video tutorial or ask a professional to install it for you. Many people opt for a professional so that they have total peace of mind that the seat has been installed correctly.

Keep The Radio Low

Since your baby is rear-facing, you may not be able to see everything that’s going on in the back seat. Even with an infant seat mirror, it can feel like you’re disconnected with what’s going on back there.

It’s crucial that you stay aware of any sounds which may indicate a problem like choking. Try to keep your radio low so that you can hear them if they sound distressed.

Stay Aware Of Other Drivers

A lot of people assume they could never get into a car accident because they’re such a good driver. However, while you can control your own driving, you can control other people’s driving. It’s important to practice defensive driving skills by staying aware of what’s going on at all times.

It’s always when you least expect that a driver can slam into your car without you seeing it coming.

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