5 Things to Check Before You Buy Watercolour Paints Online

Watercolour paintings are a creative way of translating artistic visions and emotions on a white canvas. The art gained popularity in the 18th century, and since then, it has been the top choice of amateur and professional artists as a medium to give life to their imaginations.

But to bring out the actual value of a painting, you need the best watercolour paints that are vibrant and inspire you to create impressive artworks. Top online retailers provide several options in all categories, from bestsellers, expensive to low-priced paint sets. Here are the top things you should check before buying the best paints online.

The Best Quality

Depending on your requirement, ensure you get to choose from artists’ and students’ quality paint options on the retailer’s website. While the former has a higher finely ground pigment concentration, the latter is more about fillers and contains cheaper pigments.

Top online stores offer paints in various quality levels; if you are a beginner, you can go for the student’s grade, with primary hues, great for drawing books. On the other hand, if you are a professional, check for a set with a wide range of unique and assorted solid tones, ideal for sketching illustrations and more.

The Perfect Colour Collection

While you can create any shade by mixing the primary hues, it is best to use single pigment tints, as they are more intense and brighter.

But if you wish to have a versatile palette, start with the primary shades and then build an ensemble of hues by either mixing or accumulating other tints. Online retailers feature a colossal variety of watercolour paints, such as Cadmium Red and Ocean Green.

Ensure the set includes most of the tints you usually use for your artwork. You can hence avoid mixing various shades to achieve your desired tones.

Pans Vs. Tubes

Though there are options like bottles and pencils, pans and tubes are the most common varieties that professionals usually prefer.

Online outlets offer all the above forms; ensure you check for options depending on portability and how you will use the paints in your artwork.

If you often carry your paint set outdoors and use them economically, then look for pans, which are trays containing solid paint blocks. But if you work in a studio on large paintings, check for tube options on the website. They should be super convenient to use, particularly when you need to use a lot of paint.

The Right Brand

The leading online retailers feature reputable brands that you can mix and match according to your art piece demands.

Every brand differs in quality and pigment characteristics; while others offer rare shades, some provide excellent pigment quality. Moreover, you can use certain branded paints on specific materials. You need to confirm you choose the top labels that best suit your work medium. Check if the brands provide products to ensure your artwork quality remains intact and lasts a lot longer.

Cost-effective Pricing

If you are a professional, it makes sense to invest in high-priced paint sets. But if you are looking for paint supplies to pursue artwork as a hobby, you can check for low-priced quality products as the starting point.

Top online stores list the paint products according to the rates, from low to high and vice versa. Once you have a budget fixed, it will be easy to set the right filter and review the prices to choose the items that fit your allowances.

Final Thoughts

Watercolour paint is easy to work with and enables you to create countless shades, giving you the artistic freedom to explore your creativity with the artwork.

Have a good understanding of your requirements and browse through every characteristic related to the product you wish to purchase.

For best results, look for online stores that feature transparent, single pigment paint with excellent lightfastness. Rest assured, you can create masterpieces that true art lovers can admire for years together.