5 Reasons Why Unicorns Have Soared In Popularity

Chances are that you’ve seen bright colored unicorn merchandise on the shelves of a wide variety of stores during the past few months, if you’re curious as to why unicorns are so in right now, simply continue reading to find out why unicorns have become so popular.

5 Reasons why unicorns have soared in popularity:

1. Rainbow or unicorn inspired food and drinks have started to trend

One reason why unicorns may have skyrocketed in popularity in the past few months is that rainbow or unicorn inspired food and drinks have started to trend on social media platforms. This trend may have developed as a result of Starbucks releasing unicorn inspired rainbow frappes, which thousands of prominent bloggers and social media influencers were pictured holding.

After being hashtagged by thousands of bloggers, the term unicorn started to trend worldwide on sites such as Twitter. Which only increased the popularity of unicorns. Especially amongst Millennials who log into their social media accounts over 10 times a day and who want to remain up to date with the latest on-trend products.

2. Fantasy based creatures are becoming more popular

Unicorns aren’t the only fantasy based creatures which are so in right now, as mermaids are also experiencing a huge surge in popularity. Which shows that there fantasy based creatures, in general, are trending right now. As an example, chances are that you’ve seen water bottles for sale which have the text unicorn tears or mermaid tears featured on the front of each bottle.

3. Once a few stores successfully sold unicorn products, countless more stores decided to sell their own unicorn inspired products

Stores and brands quickly pick up on new trends, so once a few stores quickly sold out of unicorn themed merchandise such as unicorn mugs, pillows, t-shirts, caps, stationery and iPhone cases, countless more stores and companies quickly designed and manufactured their own unicorn themed products.

Now, no matter whether you shop in physical stores or shop online, if you look for unicorn themed products you should find yourself spoilt for choice. As the variety of unicorn products currently available include everything from unicorn nail decals to unicorn cupcakes and clothing.

4. Unicorn products definitely stand out

Another reason why consumers have been so quick to snap up unicorn themed merchandise is that unicorn products tend to be sparkly, glittery or rainbow colored which ensures that they stand out on a shelf and are highly likely to sell out quickly. As most consumers want to purchase attractive, eye-catching products which their friends and strangers alike will compliment on a daily basis.

5. Unicorns are associated with positive connotations

When people think of unicorns they think of magical creatures, which are rare, special and unique. All qualities which most individuals would like to possess themselves. After all in a world which boasts billions of people, who wouldn’t want to be rare, special and unique like a unicorn?

So don’t be surprised if you see unicorn products everywhere you go for the next few months, as unicorns are definitely in right now.