4 Ways to Make Your Daily Commute a Better Experience

Driving to work every day can be a monotonous experience. Over time, it can start to get so old sitting in your car for so long that your mind starts to go numb. You may have been in such a hurry to get your commute over with that you’ve received a traffic ticket or two in your time.

However, there are ways to make the most out of your commute without having to go nuts. The key to making a boring experience a tolerable one is to try to mix things up. Here are some of the best tips for making that happen.

Listen To Music

Putting on your favorite artist and singing at the top of your lungs can be incredibly therapeutic. Try listening to some new artists, or different radio programs. You might want to consider asking friends to make you a playlist of music that you should check out.

Your commute is the perfect time to check out new artists and appreciate the new work of the artists that you already love. When you have some time to kill, why not?

Try A Podcast

If you’re burned out listening to music in the mornings, why not try listening to a podcast? There are thousands of podcasts out there for just about any area of interest.

You could listen to anything from murder mysteries like Serial, to interviews with world-famous authors. Chances are a podcast exists for whatever you can think of, so take a look in your library and check it out.


Chances are you’ve read books in your life, but have you ever listened to a book? It’s relaxing to put your hands on the wheel and let your mind wander. As a narrator guides you through a different world, you’ll be at work before you know it.

Some people wind up loving audiobooks so much that they eventually make the switch entirely from regular books. Since you can use your hands at the same time, it makes double tasking a breeze.

Take Public Transportation

Opting to take public transportation instead of your car may be something you enjoy. You don’t have to worry about traffic, or running out of gas. You just sit down and watch the world go by until you arrive.

In addition to requiring less of your energy and attention, public transportation also costs much less than filling your tank! You may even end up arriving earlier than you would have in your car.

If you’re someone who loves conversation, it can be a nice place to have a chat with a stranger on your way to work. Who knows who you could meet! Every day is an adventure on public transit.

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