3 Timeless Hairstyles And How To Achieve Them

There’s an old saying that goes: “Your hair is 90% of your selfie.” Okay, so, it’s not that old. But it’s true, and every year sees new styles and old classics that return. Some recent showings were the centre part craze, the bevelled bob, the tousled topknot, and the French twist revival. And while some hairstyles achieve timelessness, others are too trendy and become dated when attempted years or decades later. Here are three solid hair looks that are fabulous for now and have the versatility and flexibility for adaptations to last for a long time to come.

The Long, Straight, And Super-Sleek

With the end of summer comes the end of tousled, messy, beachy locks, too. A sophisticated autumn is all about sleek, straight hair with a centre or off-centre part, emphasizing the angles of your face and – when worn over one shoulder – the lines of your neck. To achieve this style, you’ll have to first grow your hair out to a healthy length for you. Use a high-quality bristle brush, like Mason Pearson brushes, and use in tandem with a blow dryer. Pair that with Oribe’s Straight Away Smoothing Blowout Cream, which is great at straightening hair, and make sure you set your blow dryer to a cool setting to get that super-sleek look and prevent frying. This exquisite style pairs perfectly with a fresh face and dramatic lip achieved with By Terry foundation and make up like the Twist-On Lip, a dual shade lip colour that achieves the popular ombre effect.

The Blunt, Short Bob

This style looks good in literally any colour – light brown, black, icy blonde, or even blue – and with a number of different textures, like messy, wavy or straight. The blunt line looks great on the back of your neck, creating a mod-style, peppy, sophisticated appearance. Since this style looks so good with a lot of shine, try regularly using Gloss Moderne’s vegan Clean Luxury Masque which de-frizzes, and adds shine with keratin and Panthenol. From its prominent appearance in Alexander Wang’s Fall 2017 show, to Kelly Rowland’s stunning signature centre-part version, the blunt bob is proving that it has major stamina.

The Mock-Perm

The final one is an ode to the 80s, but without the expensive, permanent prospect of having to actually get a perm. Either use your curling iron to make tight, bouncy curls, or, if you want to go heatless, start with damp hair and follow this video tutorial, which shows you how to use strips of fabric to create strong, bouncing curls. The mock-perm or faux-perm is as hot in 2018 as the real deal was thirty years ago – except this time, there’s no frizzing, scent, or weakening of the hair with harsh chemicals.

Whatever style you go for, just make sure that you stock up on products that are good for your hair, and don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a top salon visit every now and again for a professional haircut. You don’t need a lot of extra help to get that perfect, chic style, though – with just a few choice instruments and a little determination, you can own that selfie 100%.