Why Your Pool Floats Are An Aesthetic

The definition of an ‘aesthetic’ is an appreciation of beauty. Before you assume that aesthetics can only be expressed through your fashion choices and your furniture selections, keep in mind that your personal style can be showcased with the pool floats you pick. Before you have close friends over for your next pool party, pick the perfect pool floats by knowing what makes them different.

Foam Pool Floats and Inflatable Pool Floats

Before you make an aesthetic choice when picking pool floats, know that they come in two main materials: foam and vinyl. If you are someone who prefers to not have the option to inflate and deflate your pool float, the foam float is the way to go. Foam floats are generally constructed from closed cell foam and have a coat of vinyl added to keep them durable.

Foam floats have the ability to be folded up to make it easier to store them when they aren’t in use. Don’t expect them to be quite as compact as an inflatable vinyl float.

Compared to foam floats, vinyl pool floats are more flexible, allowing them to be crafted in various styles and shapes. When you see pool floats that are shaped like animals, are round tubes or are those relaxing inflatable mattresses you can lay down on, they are vinyl pool floats.

What prevents the air blown inside inflatable pool floats to not leak? The plastic is inflated and sealed with a cover to prevent air leakage. The best part of an inflatable float is once the float is deflated, it can be rolled up and stored very compactly. Be aware that if the float doesn’t come with an air pump, you will have to purchase one separately.

Also, accidents do happen. Even the sturdiest PVC can puncture, so you will want to keep a puncture repair kit handy, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding repairs.

Children-Friendly Pool Floats

Water and children go hand-in-hand like sunshine and suntans. If you’re on the lookout for a flotation device for your child to have some fun in the pool or at the beach, make safety a high priority. Your child-friendly pool floats should have a low center of gravity, safety valves, and dual air chambers.

If you are concerned about sun exposure, look for a pool float with a sun canopy. But the best form of pool float safety is making sure there is proper adult supervision when your child is playing in the water. Make sure you are adhering to the weight limitations that the pool float has.

Does your child have a favorite animal, color, or vehicle that you can buy a pool float in the shape of?

Sizes and Styles

Pool floats are offered in plenty of styles and sizes. This is where you can have fun. How many people will be using these floats? Would you like to pick a float that can hold more than one person?

How about lounge rafts are floating recliners that allow you to lay flat or sit up while you stretch your legs into the pool with cup holders. Inflatable drink holders enable you to keep your beverages cold and float in a separate inflatable so everyone in the pool for convenient access/

Are you looking for more playful inflatable toys, water games, pool floats for having some family-orientated fun? Are you more on the conservative side, looking to have adult friends over for mature, fashionable outdoor functions? You can go with bright colors that appease all ages, or you can stick with more muted colors for classy sophistication.

With a better understanding of what makes pool floats differ from each other, the fun can truly begin by shopping for the most eye-popping options.