Why it is Important to Audit Your Heating

Most homeowners might not think twice about cranking up their heating when the weather takes a turn for the worst. However, a lack of home maintenance could lower your property’s temperature and drain your bank balance.

For these reasons, you should consider undertaking a heating audit, as it can help you to identify hidden problems in the home or issues with your HVAC unit. Continue reading to learn why it is important to audit your heating.

Pinpoint Potential Issues

Different factors can determine your HVAC unit’s performance. If it fails to heat your home, you would be wise to perform an audit to identify potential issues.

To perform a DIY heating audit yourself, you must:

  • Check your air filters for dust or blockages
  • Patch visible leaks to improve your home insulation
  • Schedule regular HVAC maintenance checks
  • Review your HVAC unit ductwork for leaks

If you don’t trust yourself to perform a DIY heating audit, you could hire a professional HVAC specialist to audit your existing unit. During an assessment, they will review the system to pinpoint possible issues. For example, they might recommend installing one of the many electric furnaces or heat pumps that are compatible with your existing unit.

Identify Hidden Property Problems

An expert can also look for hidden problems across the home during the HVAC energy audit, which you might not have realized are an issue. It might surprise you to learn that the open spaces in your windows and under your doors can affect the system’s performance. The drafts can welcome cold air into the home, which can impair the HVAC unit’s function.

Therefore, a professional may recommend:

A Safer Space

If you inherited a heating and cooling system when you moved in, you might not know if it was installed correctly or purchased legally. If you fail to undertake a professional heating audit, a faulty or incorrectly installed appliance could emit dangerous toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide. Organizing an audit will ensure you are using a safe and efficient unit.

Boost Your Property Value

A heating audit will not only improve your home’s temperature and insulation, but it could increase your property value. The HVAC energy audit could encourage prospective buyers to make you an offer on your home, as it will provide them with confidence that you have cared for both the system and property. A buyer can then enjoy peace of mind that they’ll feel warm during winter and cool during summer. Plus, they won’t need to worry about weatherproofing the property once they move in.

A Sustainable Environment

Lowering your energy usage can benefit the planet, as it can reduce your carbon emissions. For this reason, you must look for ways to improve your heating and cooling habits within the home. Also, consider other ways to lower your annual energy usage, such as:

  • Buying energy-efficient appliances
  • Installing solar panels
  • Replacing your windows
  • Switching to LED or CFL lightbulbs
  • Switching off lights or unused devices

Plus, if you undertake an audit and lower your energy usage, you could save a substantial amount of money throughout the year.