What are different Foundation Repair Services?

There are a lot of different foundation repair services, but only some are cost-efficient. Repair services range from masonry patches to slab jacking; read along to find out how.

Five best Foundation Repair Services:

As you’re searching for foundation repair services, I guess by this time, you may have spotted signs in your foundation like cracked walls falling paint, or softwood rotting.

Here are your options:

Masonry Patches:

This type of repair is best when you have a concrete foundation as the cracks appear. Often, these cracks result from extreme temperatures.

Or it may be that cold temperature due to snowfall made the concrete contract. Anyway, in both conditions, the concrete experiences severe damage and may develop cracks in it.

Now comes the part you might want to consider. These cracks are only on the surface, and you can get rid of them just by applying hydraulic cement or silicon epoxies.

Polyurethane Injection:

The process is straightforward and is usually used against mud collapsing. The procedure is simple, a very thick paste of this polyurethane material is developed and injected into the ground by drilling holes in the concrete slab.

The material sits there and hardens, and the slab looks pretty normal again.

Slab Jacking:

Slab jacking is very similar to the above method, the only difference being the material injected in the ground.

The material depends on the type of soil and the type of damage it has caused. Usually, the same mixture as the soil in that region pumps the ground and lofts it up. This process takes some time to cure.

Steel Piering:

Steel piering is more commonly used in larger buildings with more mass to support. The procedure is a bit technical, but I’ll simplify it for you.

A metal footing is plugged in the affected slab and is penetrated deep enough so that it’s unaffected by the changes in climate like moisture levels. Then a piercing is attached with the footing and is made to support each other, and the load is divided uniformly. The slab is then lifted to its normal hydraulically.

Pressed Pile Method:

As the name indicates, the method uses a spring-like pile under the sunken portions in the floor or, more importantly, in the foundation. Have you seen a tire change?

The same pile used to raise the car is used to increase the house’s basement then concrete strands are added to support the floor. This method is beneficial when fixing intense sunken slabs of concrete. It is better than all the other costly methods.

All in All,

You don’t have to but should consider a visit from professionals for foundation services in Roanoke as your area may differ. The soil may behave differently under various conditions like extreme cold, snowfall, seepage, or salty environment. So, be on the lookout, and if you try to do it yourself, choose the right one. Aways get help from experts who would survey the location and tell you what’s the issue and what could be their repair solutions.