Tips to get rid of dust at home

The dust has always been an additional household member in any house. No matter how many strategies you apply to get rid of it, it keeps coming back. Honestly, no one likes dust on furniture, tables, and screens of electronics and it is really frustrating. However, if you are trying to get rid of it as soon as possible, you might have to understand it first.

Dust composes of particles like dead skin, pollens, sand, fibers and kitchen particles that stick to the surfaces. These specks of dust particles when enter the air streams and the nostrils can cause serious allergies and asthma issues. To say the worst, the dust also welcomes mites and other insects which is not fun. For the fact, it is the air that causes these dust particles to exist in your home. Equipment like an air purifier for dust can assist in improving the hygiene of the house. Moreover, electrical equipment like a vacuum cleaner can also make a dust cleaning job easy. But still, the vacuuming and just wiping off the dust cannot fix the problem and requires special precautions. For that, let’s discuss some tips to get rid of dust at home.

  • Removing Shoes

More than 80% of the dust that exists in the home arrives from the shoes. Shoes are the primary source of dust and it is impossible to avoid it. Also, it is not possible to clean your shoes every time before entering your home. Jokes aside, but removing shoes before entering the room or house sounds right for getting rid of dust.

In many countries like Japan, Korea, and China, people follow the activity of banishing the shoes before entering the house. For the shoes being the primary source of dust, removing shoes can significantly reduce the dust arrival in the home. In addition to banishing the shoes, using slipper socks at home can also improve the cleanliness and dust-free environment at home.

  • Changing Bedding every week

Accept the bitter truth, your beddings are also a major source of dust that exists in your home. Not just that, this dust multiplies to further particles and therefore increasing the danger of spreading allergies. For that, changing the bed sheets every week reduces the harsh effects of dust and avoids its replication.

The least you can do to reduce the dust is by washing the pillow covers and sheets weekly. It’s not the fact that some items can never be machine washed. You can also dry clean these items and keep the dirt away as possible as you can. Beating the beds and sheets can also assist in getting rid of the dust that sticks inside the fabric.

  • Changing Air Filters

If you have an air filtration system installed in your home, you can also clean the filter to ensure better air filtration. While cleaning, you might also find out how much dust your house has trapped in and what you can do to get rid of it. The HVAC system experts recommend cleaning the filters every month and changing and disposing of the filters every three months.

Moreover, vacuum cleaning the furnace and ventilation of your house is also a good point. The dust that stuck in the ducts pipes of ventilation can often prove dangerous for health.

  • Using the right equipment

The main reason why we couldn’t identify the main sources of dust is that we are never cleaning it the right way. Feather dusters, for example, look neat and effective for cleaning and wiping properties but they are pretty worst for removing the dust. Even the tutorials of YouTube to tickle the duster rather than wiping has been proved failed to remove the dust off the surface.

For that, experts recommend using a vacuum rather than the cloths and fabric to wipe the dust off the surfaces. The vacuum with attachments like dusting microfiber increases the cleaning properties and ensures the cleaning without the dust return. Moreover using wet wipes to clean surfaces like tables, shelves and glass is also an effective strategy to get rid of the stickiest dust.

  • Abolish Dust Mites

Dust mites exist in almost every house and proliferate in the fabrics and clothes. The reason for that is they like a warm environment and can replicate in hundreds easily. The main reason they are considered as the source of dust is that they chip in the dust with their waste which later results in serious allergies outbreak. If this is the reason they are the source of the dust, think about what would happen if they weren’t so tiny.

Vacuuming and wiping the clothes can work out in most cases but that doesn’t kill these small fiends. However, cleaning the clothes in high-temperature water of around 130 degrees can kill the mites instantly. Washing the bedding every weak to kill the dust mites in the warm water can assist in getting rid of the dust.

  • Organize Clothes

Clothes always shred the fabrics and dust items that quickly adapt to your closet environment. As soon as you open the door of your closet it becomes part of the home. However, you cannot prevent the clothes from shredding the dusty fabrics. But keeping the clothes organized in the closet reduces the factor of an increase in the dust at home.

In addition to organizing, putting clothes in bags and boxes can cut the air supply and shredding of the clothes. The bags keep the dust trapped inside it, which in return significantly improves the dust-proof environment you always wanted.

  • Unclutter your floors

Cluttered floors can also be the main cause of having a dusty environment at home. The object like shoes, toys, magazines, books, and electronics might look like small things. In fact, they are the second-to-none source of producing dust at home. However, cleaning these objects and arranging them on their required shelves ensures the organization and cleanliness of the home.

Unnecessary things always stick dust than the things that are used regularly. Moreover, putting covering clothes on cluttering things also protects them from being eaten up by dust.

The Final Words

In the end, removing the dust can never be possible if you haven’t identified its main sources. Getting rid of dust requires some research to identify the main sources and then performing the removal measures to get rid of them. Looking around the house enables you to perceive what things are cluttering the dust particles in your house. Using the services of air purification filters and vacuums reduces additional chores of rubbing out the dust.

Finally, it depends on the environment and the humidity level of your house. It is the common fact that dry environments are mostly the main cause of a dusty environment at home.