Things You May Not Have Realised About Ikea Doors and Cabinets

You’re likely to be aware that Ikea has an impressive range of kitchens and doors, but there may be some things you may not have realised about Ikea doors and cabinets. So, here we’ll explore this topic in more detail, so you can make an informed choice about Ikea cabinet doors for your kitchen.

Frameless Cabinets Provide More Storage

While traditional kitchen cabinets are framed, Ikea models are frameless. This means that there is no lip around the edges of the cabinet boxes, so the pullouts and drawers can occupy the entire cabinet box. This not only maximises storage, but also provides easier access. Frameless cabinets also have a slightly different look, as you will see the Ikea doors rather than any of the box behind them.

They Offer Customisation

While Ikea kitchens are not custom, they do provide customisation. There are dozens of possible configurations to adapt to any kitchen style. This allows you to arrange your kitchen to suit your unique layout to maximise the space. There are Ikea doors for all these cabinets, so you can create a seamless and sleek look.

They Are Supplied with High Quality Hardware

While Ikea cabinet doors look great, what is going on behind the scenes is also important. If anything will date your kitchen and make it look worn quickly, it is poor hardware. Poor hardware will allow doors to drop, drawers to fail and the cabinetry structure to be compromised. All Ikea hardware is designed to provide high quality and durability including soft close hinges, so you can avoid slamming even when you’re whizzing around the kitchen making dinner.

There is an Intense Ordering Process

The Ikea kitchen planning tool can be a little intense to use. This program is notoriously tricky, and you’ll need to order all of the pieces including cabinet boxes, drawers, filler pieces, hardware, and Ikea doors. So, you can expect to spend hours in the store ordering the pieces individually. When it comes time to upgrade to new Ikea cabinet doors, you can avoid this by shopping with a third party, like The Kitchen Door Company.

Installation Can be Challenging

Depending on who you ask, Ikea kitchens are super easy or really difficult to install. Some people have no difficulty with the DIY installation, while others have issues with gaps between the pieces and levelling problems. Installation of new doors can be particularly challenging as you will need to match up hinges to avoid drooping doors. Fortunately, this is another area where The Kitchen Door Company can help.

You Can Shop for Replacement Doors Elsewhere

Once you have your kitchen installed, you can expect it to last for years, but if you want to update your look, you don’t necessarily have to go back to Ikea for replacement doors. As we’ve touched on above, The Kitchen Door Company can supply a wide variety of Ikea cabinet doors to suit your kitchen and create a brand-new look.

If you are considering Ikea doors, The Kitchen Door Company is here to help. We have a massive selection of Ikea cabinet doors to help you to revitalise your kitchen for a brand-new look.

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