Steps To Saving For A Down Payment For Your Home

Buying a home is almost everybody’s dream. Everybody has that dream house they have wanted for years. As you plan to buy a house, it’s important to start thinking about how to save for a down payment.  The down payment will be money you will need to access. However, unlike other savings, it’s crucial that you save wisely to avoid loss of the savings.

For those who have had investments, you know that you can earn more money, retain the initial amount or lose it.  However, for a down payment, you need to be careful not to lose any money. As such, how you intend to save determines how secure the money is so that once you have attained the minimum amount, you can start paying towards your new home. Recent studies revealed that private money lenders for real estate offer more benefits than traditional financial institutions, however, it also depends on what conditions you want to draw from your home loans.

Here’s how to save for that down payment:

  1. Know how much you need

The truth is, you can’t just start saving without knowing how much you need. Have a sit down with a mortgage lender who will explain in details and let you know how much mortgage you qualify for.  Mortgage lenders have a system where they calculate the amount to lend to a borrower using qualification ratios. You can have a specific amount of how much you may need. There is the rule where your mortgage payment should not go over 28% of your gross monthly income. For example, if you earn $100,000 annually, your monthly mortgage payment should not exceed $2,333.

Note, the more down payment to have, the better the rates you get and the less the repayment period. Before taking out the mortgage, ensure that your credit rating is good. Ensure there are no late credit card debt payments as this destroys your credit rating. However, with a good credit repair company, it’s possible to have it removed. Check out more information here

  1. Know your timeframe

How much time do you have to save? When do you plan to make the down payment? Having an answer to these questions will help you know how much money you need to start saving.  Most mortgage lenders require a 20% down payment.  For example, if the mortgage loan is $ 180,000, and the down payment is 20%, the actual down payment will be as follows:

$180000 divided by (100/80) = $225,000 (total amount to be paid)

To get the down payment amount will be:

$225,000-$180,000= $45,000

In case you want to buy a home in three years’ time, you will need to save $15,000 per year.

  1. Start saving

Saving is never easy, and it needs a lot of discipline for it to work. Your down payment amount should be a motivator for you. Have an automatic funds transfer. You can automate it by having a monthly automatic transfer from your checking account to your savings account. This way, you have no co tact with the money.

You may receive unexpected money in the form of a raise or bonuses. Save that money and see how quickly you get to raise the down payment. Also, the change you get after a purchase can go to the savings account. Another great way is, in case you have any student loan, refinance it and have a friendlier interest rate which helps you save for your home down payment.

  1. Work with a budget

A budget is crucial to ensuring that you stick to the plan. Working with a budget helps you develop the discipline not to overspend. Work out your income versus your expenses. Your budget should include your down payment amount. In case your budget is strained, you may be forced to identify ways to make more money for it to accommodate the down payment savings. Identify areas where you can reduce the expenses. Find out ideas on how to make your appliances more energy efficient. Another option is to go for bridge financing loans for more information, whereby you can use it as a bridge loan for a home purchase. More information on loan opportunities can be obtained if you contact a lender to discuss further.

Owning a home gives you joy knowing that you have worked towards it. Choose a home that you can pay the mortgage comfortably without breaking the bank. Live within your means and avoid letting other people influence you into buying a house that could cost you a fortune. Plan for your future for a more fulfilling life

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