Signs that you Need an AC Repair Now

During the summer days or when there is a heatwave, the AC can be very convenient in making you comfortable. It keeps the temperature of your home at a comfortable level for you and your family. Even your pets will thank you for it when it becomes too hot outside.

Most especially if you live in tropical countries like Indonesia and Singapore or when you live in hot desert countries like Egypt and Chad, then you will need a lot of air conditioning even during the nights. Temperatures in this area do not go below 24 degrees Celsius and can remain as high as 28 degrees Celsius even without the sun to shine its rays.

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Air conditioning systems are very hard-working machines and life would be very uncomfortable without them. It is best, of course, to be able to use them for many years as these machines are quite expensive.

As much as possible, they should be well taken care of so that they will last a long time. That is why it is best to know the signs when your AC needs your attention before it becomes irreparable. You can also visit this link to learn more about air conditioning and when to repair them:

Here are some of the signs that your AC needs repair ASAP.

Warm air coming from your AC

One of the signs that your AC needs a fix right away is that it is blowing out warm air instead of cold air. Some AC work both ways and can provide both warm and cold air. However, when you have set the AC to blow cold air but only warm air comes out, then this should be a sign that you need to get your air conditioner checked.

This could mean many things but there are 2 main possible reasons for this. One is that your air-conditioning machine is out of Freon, the chemical that causes the tubes in the compressor to cool, or your compressor is not working.

Your compressor not working can be caused by an array of things and should be checked by your local HVAC expert for proper advice. Make sure to have your technician take a look at your machine right away to ensure that it does not become irreparable. It could just be faulty wiring.

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Too little Airflow

Another problem that could happen with your AC is when it is giving out too little to no airflow. Air-conditioning systems have a fan built in them to push air through a cooled set of tubes which will gradually cool the temperature of a room.

Without this fan, only the machine will become cold. This fan can stop working for a variety of reasons. One of them could be faulty wiring and this can cause the fan to not receive the right electrical current causing it to slow down or stop. The licensed contractors from Apex Electric can definitely help you with this matter.

Another possible reason for the impeded air is that the fan could be stuck or something could be stuck to the fan. If the fan is stuck, it can slow down its movement and this will stop it from producing any air.

Another thing that could stop the fan from moving is when it is full of dust. Dust may be harmless in little quantities, but when they are a lot and when they are mixed with oil, they can stop any fan from working.

Cleaning your fan regularly will ensure that it is working properly. However, when cleaning your fan is not enough anymore, make sure to call your local technician and have your fan checked and get it fixed right away.

Cycle Frequency Problems

Modern AC systems have cycles in place which allows them to control the temperature and humidity in a certain area all throughout the day. They have thermometers to check if the room is at the right temperature or not.

To reach the right temperature, they blow out cold air to the room. Once they have reached the desired temperature, they shut off to save on electricity. This is the idea behind why you save more electricity on an inverter air-conditioner. Click here to learn more about cycle frequencies.

However, it is possible that your AC is not following its designated cycle anymore. This could be a problem as it will not be able to keep the right temperature of the room efficiently or it can make it even too cold. This is even more of a problem because this can cause you to use more electricity than you should. With this in mind, when you notice that your AC is out of its cycle, get it checked right away. It could just be a minor problem.

Don’t wait for your problems to become big before you start solving them. Get them fixed right away while they are still small so that you won’t have to spend so much. Like any machine, small problems can become big ones if you don’t take care of them right away.