Ron Cadman – The Benefits of Investing in a Garden

For most people in the USA, investing in a garden is something that very few of us actually want to do. The reason for this comes down to the amount which you will use it, and this is why other areas of the property are considered when it comes to spending money. My friend Ron Cadman got on to me for many years about updating my garden, and 2 years ago I eventually cracked and decided to borrow a little bit of money from a lender, to renovate the garden area. I must confess that this was something which I had been wrong about in the past and that having the garden completed has given me a lot of benefits.

Property Price

Something which I completely failed to realize when I was carrying out this work on the garden was that the money which I had invested in it, would be recouped thanks to the increase of value on the property. Not every part of the house can increase your property’s value when you renovate it but the garden certainly is one which will. There is a great demand across the country for nicely designed gardens and that is why you shovel think about spending a little bit of money to get a nice looking garden and add a little to the value of your property.


I would be something of a fraud if I told you that I had enjoyed gardening all of my life, the truth is that I never have enjoyed it and since a young age I actively sought to avoid it. It was surprising for me then that once I had a garden of my own, I suddenly felt an urge to get out there and interact with the garden. Two years on and I currently spend most evenings and weekends in the garden, and I even have a subscription to a gardening magazine! You may find that you also have green fingers and if so then you will really enjoy seeing your work come to light.


During the summer months we would often go to someone’s home for a BBQ or a outdoor party yet we could never repay the favor because our garden was always in such a state. The first year after the garden was finished however we were able to invite friends, family and neighbors around to our garden for a BBQ, without feeling any shame. You know how it is amongst neighbors and our improved garden helped us with our social status amongst them.

Looking Out

There is something extremely gratifying to look out of your home window and see a beautiful looking garden rather than an outdoor area which looks more akin to a bomb site. I never realized just how much I hated my old back yard until I invested in it, and now I can enjoy gazing over it with my morning coffee, a lovely little benefit of having the work done.