Moving Checklist

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Transferring to a new place can be a hassle if you haven’t planned it properly. For more information on relocation, visit this link here. There are a lot of boxes to be sorted out and there can be not enough time. You might give notice to your landlord in your old apartment that you will be staying just until the end of the month. However, you might not want to find yourself in a situation where there’s just one left and you haven’t packed your clothes and silverware yet.

Getting things ready in advance can reduce the stress and pressure that you will feel when you are moving house. You need to sort out things such as transferring your medical records, hosting garage sales, cutting off your electricity and water, and move all of your possessions from the old apartment to the new apartment as soon as possible.

Fortunately, moving can be done without stress and without losing your cool. You can follow the following tips so that you can say goodbye to the old home and say hello to the new home.

Two Months Before Moving

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Sort all your Things

You need to sort your things. You can start with walking in every room, opening drawers, and deciding the things that you should get rid of. Make a list of things that require special packings such as fragile items, crystals, paintings, and other valuables. You can donate or sell the things that you don’t need in your new home. If you don’t need your other clothes, host a garage sale or sell them online so that there will be lesser things to move.

Hire Movers

There are moving companies that can make things easier for you on the day of your relocation. Contact several movers and ask them about their quotes. You should ask if they have the license to drive out-of-state, if they have insurance, and if you can receive the most accurate pricing. You should also check their website and look for feedback to make sure that they are legit.

Contact your Children’s School

If you have children who are studying, notify the school about the move. Get all the paperwork done for the transfer and bring all the necessary documents with you. You have to obtain all the academic records of your child so that the transfer will be smooth. You can also contact the new school and ask about the pre-enrollment requirements and transfer procedures.

A Month and a Half Before

Travel Arrangements

Book a flight, arrange hotel accommodations or find nearby inns. You might need these especially if you have already given notice to your old home and you need to move but your new home is not yet ready. Find the cheapest hotel in the area where you can book for a week or while you arrange everything in your new home.

Buy the Necessary Packing Supplies

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You need to get cardboard boxes in different sizes. You may also want to find bags where you can put your clothes. Buy packing tapes, bubble wraps, markers, and specialty containers. You may need to buy ones where you can put your dishes and silverware. Even if you are not yet moving out, start packing things that you won’t use for a week or two. You can buy additional boxes if you found out that there are not enough boxes for all of your things.

Contact your Medical Provider

Get records of you and your family’s medical history. You need to them to send to your new physician in the new place. Settle all your dental, medical and other health insurance. If you or one of your family members is required to take certain pills and medicine, make sure to bring the prescription with you.

A Month Before

Start Packing Seasonal Items

Start packing your clothes, silverware, photos, books, and other things that you don’t need to use immediately. Label them well. You should pack your essentials such as beddings, soap, toothbrush, and laptops last as you may need them even on the day before you move. Don’t forget to mark the contents of each box or label them using a marker. To avoid theft, do not list the items on the box that contains valuables.

Measure your Things

If some of your furniture won’t it into the new home, you can sell it, keep it on a storage company, or give it away. You need to make sure that all the items from your current home will fit in the doorway of the new one. If you are tight on space in the new home, then you should bring things that are not very important to you when you relocate.

3 Weeks Before

Call the movers and confirm that you are moving on the day that you have agreed on. Double-check with them and you can invite them to come over to your place to see your furniture, appliances, and packing boxes that they need to move. More information about movers in this site:

Clear Out

Take all your belongings from safe boxes, storage spots, basements, and attics. Do not forget to hire dry cleaners when you move out to ensure that there’s nothing left behind. Your landlord or landlady will appreciate it if you clean the place after moving if you are renting. If you are selling your house, dry cleaning it can make it sell faster in the market.

A Day Before

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Confirm with the movers again. Triple check with the moving company your plans. You also need to ask them how much will be the bill, when are you going to pay it, and the mode of payment. You need to get the phone number of the crew that will help you move your things out. You need to prepare written directions and a complete address of your new home.

Arrange the Keys

You should arrange to return the keys of your old home to the landlady if you are renting or to a real estate broker if you are selling. You need to obtain the keys to the new house before moving so that you can enter your new house without any hassle. And when it’s all finished, say hello to your new house.