Making Your Home More Child-Friendly: A Guide

It’s important to ensure that your home bends to accommodate and fit your needs. You should make changes and tweaks to the place so that you’re better equipped to raise your children to make your lives easier, to keep them safe, and also to provide fun, functionality, and practicality too. Learn how to change your home to turn it into a child-friendly sphere for both your sake and theirs, with the easy-to-follow guide below.

Enforce Rules

Enforcing rules upon your young children can feel horrible, and you may well want to let them get away with absolutely anything since they’re adorable. Let’s be clear; however, some rules will need to be in place in order to maintain some order, routine, and sanity. Do this by ensuring that your kids know where to go and where not to. So, this can mean that they’re not supposed to sleep in your bed every night of the week, nor are they allowed to tackle the stairs unaided.

Erect a stairgate at both the top and the bottom of the staircase and always, always make sure that it’s across especially when you’re kids are learning to walk and running around all over your home.

En-suite Bedroom

An en-suite bedroom can make your life a whole lot easier, especially when your children are very young and diaper changes are often. It can make cleaning them up, and other spills and mishaps much more straightforward. If you’re interested in making the idea a reality, then consider getting a contractor in to assess the structure of your home, and how best to approach making your child’s room an en-suite.

Once you’ve got the go-ahead and know how you’re going to go about, you will need to contact local plumbers to finish the job. Always look for reputable plumbers by researching ‘plumbers in my area’ into your chosen search engine and opt for those who are well-reviewed and rated.

Child Locks

Your child’s safety is paramount, and it needs to come before anything else. Keep your young family safe by keeping dangerous items out of their reach, and remember to be organized in consistently keeping knives and other sharp objects, washing up tablets, soaps, and hazardous liquids far away from them at all times. Choking hazards needs to be removed as a matter of urgency, as should hanging cables of all kinds.

Baby proof your home by walking around each room and considering each piece of furniture and furnishing that could pose a risk. Keep child locks on all cupboards and doors, and especially those in the kitchen. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so make the necessary effort now before your child could have a nasty accident.

Hard Flooring Over Carpets

If you have kids, then this suggestion needs little introduction. Hard flooring is far superior to carpets as they’re easy to wipe clean, and difficult, though not impossible, to stain and ruin. Young children are notoriously messy eaters and are likely to drop foods and spill drinks on carpets, as well as use pens and crayons, and the list goes on quite frankly. Carpets are warm, cozy, and they look great in certain rooms of the house, but they’re not entirely practical when you’re trying to make your home more child-friendly.

Add Extra Storage

Kids accumulate numerous toys, games, clothes, shoes, coats, and kitchen items very quickly, and you’re going to have to find room to fit all of their belongings. You’ll have to get smart with storing things, and how you’re going to ensure that your home doesn’t become overcrowded and cluttered in a very short space of time. Use the height of any given room to add shelves, hanging net bags, as well as handles on the backs of doors, affixed to shelving units, and boxes under the bed as well. For ideas, head online, and use YouTube to get inspired.

A Designated Kid’s Room

Just as you’re going to enforce that your kids can’t encroach on your space any, and every, night of the week, they should be given a space that’s entirely their own. They should have a room where they can relax and play videogames, and enjoy an hour or two on their own.

Kids enjoy having a retreat of their own, so if you have older kids think about getting a sofa bed in there, as well as TV, books, and also a small mini-fridge to store cool drinks and refrigerated snacks. Your children will adore having a room of their own and should help to boost their enjoyment of your home just to top it off.

Running a household with children is never an easy job, but with a few changes here and there you could make your home more child-friendly. Additionally, this could lead to you seeing improvements made to the running of the household, such as efficiency made to particular tasks and as a result, you will have much happier family members.