Living Areas That Last


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Building a livable area that would last for a long time is pretty demanding these days considering the changing trends, budget issues and time consumption. King Living Singapore provides the finest collections of furniture that could help you with building areas that last joyfully.

Do not sweat it!
Here is a list of how you can create living areas that last:

Less Is More

Everyone likes a nice spacious area to live in – since less clutter means less stress. Therefore, the idea of a long-lasting living area starts with the elimination of clutter. Pick things that fit perfectly. Make sure that there is a right amount of space. The idea of adding too many things would abolish the idea of a living area that would last for a long time.


Large Windows

Now, when we talk about windows, we are not talking about the operating system; but a panel of glass that separates you from the outdoor area acting as a decor. The idea of having large windows is desirable and has a lot of benefits. One of the benefits being sunlight. The right amount of sunlight is good and makes a living area look lively.

Cleanliness & Hygiene

This aspect is the most important on the list. For an area to be livable, especially in the long-run, it has to be clean and germ-free. Having a neat and tidy place is very beneficial to you and your loved ones. A germ-free lifestyle is a nice way to go about life. Using hygiene products and anti-bacterial chemicals is generally a good idea, especially if you have children in your home as they are more susceptible to diseases than adults.

Bathroom Issues

If you’re aiming to stay for a long time in your new living place, having a bathroom with a bathtub is a must. Spending a little on the renovation of your bathroom is not at all a bad idea. After the bedroom, this is where we spend the most amount of time -either taking a peaceful shower or just using the toilet. Having a perfectly functional bathroom is mandatory if you are looking to last in a particular living area.


Adding some plants or fresh flowers gives one the essence of freshness and adds much to the overall environment in the living area. With the existence of plants in your home, you can get clean indoor air as they absorb the toxins, expand humidity and the production of oxygen.

Smells Good

For a living area to last, the specific area has to smell good. And how can you ensure that this remains the case? You can use scented candles, room fresheners, and most importantly cook fresh food. Cooking fresh food is the most important and most effective of the three. And for your place to smell good, you have got to cook.

Comfort Living

What does comfort mean? Does it involve having a fireplace? Does it involve a nice sofa set? Does it involve scented candles? Or does it simply mean having a cozy bedroom? Well, the answer is all of the above. Since the idea of comfort varies from one person to the other. The idea of a comfortable lifestyle comes from within. It does not necessarily have to be materialistic. But once you have added essence of comfort to your living area, only then can you call it a ‘home’. And only then can that area last.

Cushions & Pillows

Having your place surrounded by cushions and pillows gives your living space a sense of warmth. Also, giving you the added comfort that you want your home to provide.

Cozy Fireplace

Everyone loves a fireplace. I mean, who does not? Right? Unless you have a genuine fear of fire. Nevertheless, having a nice cozy fireplace makes you want to lay low and enjoy your free time in peace. It is also a pretty good idea for anyone looking to enjoy the winter season.


Walls play an integral part in making sure that the living area is everything you want it to be. Having the right combination of colors can just light up your walls while being soothing to the eyes. Wallpapers can be a great addition to your walls too. Again, varies with taste. Nonetheless, adding texture to your walls would be a worthy pick in this list.


Pictures give personality to the walls. These pictures can be anything. They could either be stellar art pieces designed by Pablo Picasso or random paintings of landscapes, or they could simply be pictures or portraits of your loved ones. Regardless of the type, you opt to go with pictures are a worthy add-in giving a homely vibe to your living area.


Little do we know; lighting is an integral part of your home. It can get a little tricky at times, but having the right amount of light in your home can be the finishing touch to your perfect home. Light can be given out in the form of lamps, shades, chandeliers, and more. Although, getting it perfect is something not many people get right. The right amount of light will always be a valuable addition to this particular list since it gives a sense of gratification.

Picking the best furniture

There is a lot of time that is wasted in picking the best furniture. Now, this is a no-brainer. King Living Singapore has one of the finest collections of furniture that consists of sofas, chairs, bedroom furniture, mattresses, rugs, candles, cushions and more that would make you outlive your stay at your home. They also bring you the solace and happiness you are looking for, especially with a collection of different furniture which is an instantaneous buy.


Having your family or people you love, around makes everything perfect in a living area. A place with the best designer-made furniture and all the riches of the world cannot fill a gap as a family would. However, a family does not have to be people related by blood. It could be anyone you connect with on a deep emotional level. Having the right people in your living place would always want you to stay longer. Learn more about how to create living areas that last.


It would rather seem that all these ideas help make a living area last. However, some ideas just add a different flavor to brighten up a living area. But at the end of the day, it is all about doing what you love and where your interests lie. Considering all the factors, what is most important is building memories and cherishing a good time with your loved ones. That would be the perfect bundle for a living area to last and a place to be considered a home.