Life After Nursing Home Abuse: Tips for Coping

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is a common issue that results in severe trauma for its victims. Abuse victims often include nursing home residents and/or their family members. Coping mechanisms for home abuse depend on the level of abuse received and individual preference. Most cases of abuse require legal action and additional therapy for the victims.

A nursing home abuse lawsuit can help its victims cope by providing a sense of justice against the nursing home facility and its staff members. By suing a nursing home for negligence, you can receive punitive damages and a sense of relief that the facility was penalized for its negligence. For specific information on your case, it would be beneficial to get a free consultation from a firm that specializes in nursing home abuse cases. By obtaining legal advice from the proper authorities, you will be better equipped to have a successful civil lawsuit and will receive proper compensation for your damages.


While there are plenty of benefits of suing a nursing home for negligence, abuse victims will likely continue to suffer from psychological or physical damage after the lawsuit is settled and they no longer reside at the facility. Depending on the type of abuse, counseling or physical therapy are common coping mechanisms for home abuse victims. Nursing home residents who experienced emotional abuse during their time at the facility are recommended to attend counseling sessions.

One of the most unfortunate things about nursing home abuse is that the victims often suffer from memory loss and are incapable of recounting the neglect. Even more unfortunate is that it is not uncommon for staff members of the facility to take advantage of residents who suffer from such memory issues. Sexual assault is a common form of abuse in these homes, and employees can often get away with it as the residents are unable to remember it, let alone report it. Learning of a loved one being raped and abused by those who have been hired to care for them can be traumatic for the family members of the victims.

Counseling sessions are also recommended for any individual family members who are trying to cope with the fact that their loved ones were subjected to abuse. It is common for family members of abuse victims to feel a sense of guilt, and their suffering is likely to be much worse if the nursing home neglect resulted in the rape or wrongful death of their loved one.

Group counseling sessions are also a good solution for coping with life after home abuse. There are multiple types of group counseling to be considered, such as counseling with your family or among individuals who have experienced similar trauma. Both of these types of group counseling can be effective solutions for dealing with the impact of abuse. Having your family members come together and speak with a licensed professional will help ease the trauma and return to a sense of normalcy among one another. On the other hand, if you are either unable to or uncomfortable with having counseling sessions with your family, you may benefit from talking with other victims of home abuse, as it will help you see that you’re not alone.


Another solution to helping older adults cope with life after nursing home abuse is the use of CBD. Hemp and CBD products are often used for medicinal purposes and have been shown to help with emotional and physical suffering. CBD has been increasing in popularity among older adults and can be delivered in topical, edible, and vapor forms—with hemp joints being a popular option among users. In addition to its growing popularity among the elderly, CBD has also been found to provide emotional benefits for those who suffer from PTSD—a common result of experiencing home abuse.

In order to ensure returning to a sense of normalcy after abuse, you should start the process by reaching out to professionals for legal advice, as you will be guided through the process and achieve justice through a successful lawsuit.