How to Prepare for a Long Distance Move

Moving homes across great lengths can be a huge challenge, it can be an adventure filled with excitement but the best thing to do is to learn beforehand how to prepare for a long-distance move, and always be one step ahead.

In any move scenario, but especially in long-distance moves, preparation and covering your bases will lead to the smoothest transition which is what you are aiming for, so the three pillars of your moving success will be:

  1. Time management – you have got to make your minutes count
  2. The organization – everything should be accounted for
  3. Preparedness – have a plan for it all

Having an awareness and using those three aspects to your favor will help you get to your new home with less stress and everything you need to start a new chapter in your life.

Here are some specific tips on how to prepare for a long-distance move:

Quality materials and help

When you are moving across town, state, or other long distances it’s not the best time to try to DIY, you are going to need quality in packing materials and help so that your belongings don’t get damaged along the way.

Before getting started get information on a long distance moving company close by that you can trust and make an appointment to have your situation assessed, get your estimates, and reserve your slot, so you’re moved out in time.

Get your packing supplies ready and choose good material boxes, tape, and alternatives needed for putting away more fragile items like TV’s or porcelain – remember you are going to be making a long trip with all of it.

Start soon and keep it smart

There’s going to be a lot to put away so you better start as soon as possible and do it with a purpose, packing is everything when you are moving.

A few things to remember when packing:

  • Begin with the least used rooms like the garage, then bedrooms, and end with the most frequently used like the bathrooms and living areas
  • Label and organize every box it makes it easier to unpack and start living at your new place
  • Make an essential bag that you can live out of for the first few days while you get everything out of the boxes and settle in
  • Everyone in the family should be helping as much as they can
  • Share your plan with all people involved in the move to make things go as they should

Make it your own

This is your move and your new place, so make it your own – big changes can have a great influence on mood. The best thing to do is to take advantage of the shift.

Take the time to discover your new neighborhood, create a sense of community, pick a new favorite hangout, paint your house with your favourite colors, having your home not only filled with your things but looking how you want it to will make the move a whole lot easier.

In little time you will start making memories and transforming the new place into a real home.