How to make your home the sanctuary you deserve

When first tackling a new DIY project, the road looks long and dull. But creating a sanctuary within your home is much easier than you think. With a few adjustments and a little thought, your house can be the relaxing hub you deserve, rather than the chaotic space it usually is.


Opting for earthy tones in your flooring can add a hugely calming feel to the house instantly. Natural materials – like hardwood flooring – can also work wonders for bringing the outdoors in and creating balance. But, if you can’t stretch your budget to real wood or cork, laminate and other tiling options can be just as effective. If you search for floor tiles in Leeds, you’ll find a whole range of laminates, vinyl and light tiling options that are versatile and durable enough for the family home. Keep the materials and the colors light or neutral so that relaxing feeling can travel from your head right into your toes.

You should also consider investing in the right type of underlay. Cushioned underlay is ideal for changing a room’s acoustics to be a little quieter and easier to absorb. This gentler sound can then allow the space to feel a lot more peaceful – giving you the chance to reflect or enjoy a little me time.

Soft Furnishings

Of course, you can’t have a relaxing space without a little coziness. Fabrics and textures can create a warm and welcoming feeling while also adding a little luxuriousness to the space. Layering up soft fabrics via throws and pillows, or adding a neutral area rug will add mountains of comfort that can aid wellbeing (check out this article all about hygge).

Storage and Tidiness

The thing about storage is that it only works when it’s used properly…

Getting into the habit of putting things away in their correct place will ultimately leave your sanctuary clutter free – giving you more time to relax. Clutter can actually create more stress, while a spacious, clutter-free area can be exactly what you need after a long day at the office. Plus, who doesn’t like to feel like they’re on top of everything?

Keeping things tidy in your down-time space is also key for those that work from home. Make sure to keep all work-related things in a separate place, so not to interrupt or invade on your personal time.


A few shrubs, house plants and cacti can do a world of good. They help to purify the air, brighten the space up and make you feel happier, healthier and more mindful. Check out this guide to the best house plants for relaxation.

Depending on how much space you have, and how you like to relax, you could create a sanctuary in just about any room of the house. Wellbeing should be about what relaxes your mind and body, even after the most stressful of days. So, make sure you’ve got your own little sanctuary at home, that can be designated to all things calm, serene and simple.