How to make your home stand out from afar?

A lot of us imagine and think about having a dream home, right? It’s really natural to wonder about how would a perfect home look. With that being said, taking something from your imagination and making it work in real life is nothing but easy. This is the main reason why we’ve compiled a couple of tips, tricks and techniques to use which will make your home stand out from afar and up close as well.

White window shutters and frames

Amongst the grey’s, the blue’s, and the brown’s, it’s hard to miss a white accent. White window frames and shutters always add a European, Swiss-like, Alpine region charm which is hard to match.

For the most part, white window frames will not make your home 10-times better by themselves, but they’re eye-catching nonetheless. If you want people to notice, for a brief moment they most definitely will. Of course if your neighbourhood isn’t full of such coloured window frames…

There’s never too much glass

Large glass windows, especially if they’re oddly shaped are always an attention-catcher. Most modern homes have a box-like shape which requires large windows to look aesthetically. And you will definitely notice a house with large windows. Whether your close or further away, reflections from the glass won’t leave anybody different.

Premium quality wood siding

Regular wood is kind of boring. Charred wood fixes all of that. Charring means exposing to fire and there’s a specific Japanese technology for that. It’s called Yakisugi and it’s at least 3 hundred years old. By exposing the wood to fire, manufacturers like Degmeda are able to enhance the colour of regular wood and make the texture more visible which automatically demands more attention.