How To Decorate Your Dream Home

Finding that dream home – perfect location, perfect size, perfect price – it is a tall order. An even taller order is deciding how to decorate it, not only to enhance its value but also to suit the lifestyle of its owner. Many of our Calgary real estate home buyers struggle to get their new home they way they want it.

If the owner is a Martha Stewart-like maven, maybe he or she will make quick work out of pairing paint and patterns, furniture and flooring, and window treatments and wallpaper. Most homeowners, though, will find the task daunting, if not downright overwhelming.

Here are some directives for those who dare to dabble in interior design.

  1. Flooring choices abound, and cost might make some of them prohibitive. Tile, wood and carpet are the three primary materials, and choosing one (or a combination) should depend on how the room is going to be used, and who is going to use it. Weather can play a role in the decision, too. A hot and humid environment wreaks havoc on wood, for example.
  2. Furniture placement can create harmony in the home and establish scenes or vignettes. Consider the focal point of each room – the window, the television, the back yard – prior to plopping down the bed, the couch or the patio table. Angled furniture adds dimension and interest to interior spaces. Setting furniture in the middle of the “great room,” for instance, can break up the area and add cohesion.
  3. Home décor, including artwork, wall accents, tabletop objects and area rugs, are a little more personal. The best way to go about adding flair is to decide on a theme and seek out a dominant piece around which to build. If the theme is tropical palm trees, as an example, find an appealing print or a colorful wall hanging or a synthetic palm tree in a pretty basket to set off the room.
  4. Decorative items such as pillows and ornaments strategically placed can add so much to a room. It can take a boring room to cozy and luxurious with just a few strategically placed items. But be careful to not over clutter your areas.
  5. Finally, remember there are no hard-and-fast rules, and thinking “outside the box” can yield creative results. Page through decorating magazines, or watch the HGTV channel, or go online to search for inspiration. The goal is to turn that dream home into a dreamy environment.