How to Choose Chairs for Your Dining Room Table

Mixing and matching furniture is very trendy these days. Although most people find it practical to buy furniture that comes in a set, you have more freedom to express your unique style when you buy pieces individually. But for someone who does not have much knowledge of interior design, it can be a bit challenging. This article will be a guide, specifically on how to find the right chairs for a standalone dining table.

Begin with the dining roomscale

In choosing chairs for a dining room table, comfort is a primary consideration. The chairs need to match the scale of the table you bought. On average, 10 to 12 inches from the seat cushion to the tabletop is considered the most comfortable distance. However, it can vary depending on the table’s thickness and the diner’s size.

The best way to find a comfortable distance between the chair seat and the table is to test different chairs. Find a table that approximates the one you have and find a chair that matches. Another factor to consider is whether or not your table has an apron. If your table has an apron, you need to consider how it will affect the comfort level of the chair. Take some time to visit furniture stores in your area and compare the feel of different styles of chairs. From iconic chairs with recognisable designer styles to classic and uncomplicated pieces, the most important is that you find the right comfort level.

Consider the table’s width and depth

In addition to comfort, make sure that the chairs you choose will fit snugly under the table. If you have a rectangular or oval dining table, the chairs placed on both ends should not bump the table legs. Always leave enough room for the chairs to slide through because it will also affect the movement of diners.

Choosing a chair design

The next step in choosing a dining chair is the style. The basic principle of mixing furniture styles is by finding a common element which will tie the pieces together. For example, the finish of the table or the texture can be a starting point to finding a chair that will match with it. Chair upholstery and colour will also give you the right inspiration on how to find a piece that matches the table. Nevertheless, do not limit yourself to strict design principles. You can still experiment by mixing and matching styles that appeal to you, as long as the result is not outrageous or ridiculous.

Chair arm and back height

Choosing dining chairs with arms is a bit tricky. But if you prefer chairs with arms, make sure that they do not bump or brush the table. Apart from possibly damaging the furniture, it will limit the available space for diners to sit comfortably.

The back of the chair needs to be higher than the tabletop. Chairs that are higher than the table look better. Allow a minimum height of at least two inches; otherwise, you will end up with chairs that look squatty next to the table you chose.