Common Mistakes That Homeowners Make When Selling Their House


Selling your home or property is one of the most critical and yet complicated deals that you will experience, at least once in your lifetime. It is essential that you carefully plan for the sale of your home and that includes choosing the people that you will be working with, or else you will put yourself at risk of losing a significant amount of money. Here are some common mistakes that most homeowners make when they are about to sell their homes.

Unable to hire the right person to sell your home

Some owners prefer selling their home all by themselves because they do not want to pay the realtor their commission. Most of them end up hiring a reputable real estate agent because this person can help you sell your home at its highest price. They have years of experience in selling properties, and they are trained to negotiate and close deals with potential buyers, so it is better to get in touch with one rather than hiring a friend or relative to help negotiate a fair deal for your property.

Not trying to fix up the property

If you are aiming for a reasonable selling price for your home, then you should also invest time and effort in making sure that your place looks impressive from a buyer’s standpoint. If significant renovations need to be done such as basement and ceiling repairs or anything significant that will affect a common wall shared with neighbours, then you should figure out the party wall surveyor cost before doing any construction work.

Also, spending additional money on replacing fixtures, re-tiling the kitchen and bathroom, and repainting the entire house is a small price to pay because having a beautiful home will put you in a position where you can negotiate for a much higher selling price. If potential buyers believe that your home is worth its price, you will not have a hard time selling your property.

They are in a rush to sell their property

Should you decide to have your house listed, you need to be patient and give your realtor a realistic timeline for selling your place. You can never tell if you will be able to find a buyer soon, so six to twelve months is an acceptable timeline when selling a property. If you are planning to secure a new home loan, then you have to wait until you can close the deal with a sure buyer.

Not prepared to stage their home

Many sellers refuse to change the look of their homes during the sales process. They tend to leave too much personal stuff around like framed family photos, private toy collections and different types of trinkets on the shelves. It is best to keep them out of sight to allow a prospective buyer to imagine the house as their own.

It is also a good idea to seek help from a professional interior designer when staging your home.

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