5 Ways to Add Elegance to Your Dining Room

Are you known as the host in your circle of friends and family? Are you always offering your home as the place to gather, share good times, serve people a fabulous meal, and just make people feel welcomed? If you are, it’s nice to have the kind of home that is perfect for entertaining, with a touch of sophistication and style mixed in. In this article, we’ve got five ways that you can add elegance to your dining room which will elevate the meals you serve in the space. Let’s take a look.

Make a Statement with the Lighting

If you only want to make a couple of small changes to your dining room, a new light fixture should be top of the list. The dining room is typically a great space for a statement piece like a chandelier. Don’t be afraid to go big and bold as long as it fits with the rest of the decor. You can also add candles to the table, which does wonders for the ambiance.

Is It Time for New Dining Room Furniture?

The main pieces in your dining room will of course be the table and chairs. Without these, you can’t host a meal. But your furniture is so much more than just a functional item in the space. It also helps to set a statement, bring the décor and style together and add a touch of elegance. Be sure to shop for classic, streamlined and simple pieces if elegance is your top priority. This is the kind of dining room furniture you can find at Kettle River.

A few other tips to keep in mind when shopping for a new table and chairs include the space you have available, what shape table would work best, how many chairs you’d like, the finish and the material. Wood tends to be the most classic and elegant option, and the darker the finish, the more elegant it looks.

Choose a Fresh Color Palette

Changing up the color palette is another trick that the experts suggest. There are some colors that just feel richer, more sophisticated, timeless and elegant. Some of the best colors include gold, dove grey, silver grey, navy, taupe, white and even black. And you don’t have to be restricted to just paint, as you can create a statement wall by using something like wallpaper.

The Table Settings Have to Pop

Of course one of the most attractive features to add to your dining room is an elegant place setting that pops. This can include such things as:

  • Gold or silver flatware
  • China dishes
  • Cut crystal glasses
  • Real linens for napkins
  • A linen tablecloth
  • Chargers under the plates
  • Napkin rings

Just be sure the table setting works with your color palette and the style you’ve chosen.

Artwork Adds Flair and Personality

After making all of the typical design changes and updates, the room may still feel like it’s missing something and that something could be artwork. Artwork can complete the space and give it a truly customized look.

These design updates will allow you to create a dining room that oozes elegance that you can’t wait to show off to your guests.