5 Top Ideas When Designing The Luxury Kitchen Of Your Dreams

When designing the luxury kitchen of your dreams, you will have decided to prioritize elegance and indulgence over cost-effective practicality and subsequently deserve to splurge on exactly what you want without compromise.

Here are the five top ideas when planning the layout and aesthetics of your new, luxury kitchen.

Two-Tone Cabinets

The popularity of two-tone cabinets in kitchens throughout the country has truly soared in recent years and the overall aesthetic of any kitchen is greatly enhanced by the decision to invest in such a sought-after and visually stunning luxury.

You may choose to have your kitchen cupboards in one color and then your central island in another, or perhaps you would prefer to order a bespoke kitchen cabinet in two contrasting colors. Either way, the main advantages of two-tone cabinets are that they tend to fit any style and layout of kitchen, they make the whole room appear considerably more expensive and bespoke and they often make a smaller kitchen appear significantly larger.

Quartz Countertop

The hallmark of a well-designed and altogether luxury and indulgent kitchen is the addition of quartz countertops and such investments are available in a variety of colors, styles and textures. When searching for quartz counter tops near me, ensure you consult with a professional, experienced and top-quality supplier who can advise on the best style and layout for your specific room.

Warming Drawers

As well as ensuring your brand new, luxury kitchen is as beautiful and extravagant in appearance as possible, it is equally important to ensure that there is also optimum functionality and practicality where needed. A relatively new addition to the world of kitchen design is the addition of innovative warming drawers, which are perfect if you enjoy cooking in style.

Essentially, warming drawers keep your plates and bowls warm while you are preparing to serve, defrost more fragile food, ensure certain elements of a meal are kept warm whilst others cook and even warm bread and other dough-based products.

Pot Fillers

One of the main hallmarks of a luxury, bespoke kitchen is the installation of pot fillers.

In essence, attached to the splash back behind your oven is a long, drooping faucet with a articulated special arm that enables the user to effortlessly fill large pots and pans in position on the hob. Pot fillers are currently trending on social media influencer’s pages who are dedicated to showcasing homeware products and any self-respecting kitchen designer knows how integral the addition of pot fillers are for a truly luxurious kitchen.

Walk-In Pantry

Obviously, a walk-in pantry is any passionate foodie’s dream and, equally as apparent, such a kitchen feature is impossible in a smaller, more compact space.

However, if you have the room to build a walk-in pantry, ensure it is always kept organized and aesthetically pleasing, with glass door shelving and a place to store smaller, less necessary kitchen appliances that are easily accessible when required.