5 Innovative Ideas For Your Spare Room

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, space is a valuable asset. So if you have a spare room in your home, make sure you make the most of it. Allowing an unused bedroom to gather dust is wasteful, especially when you can easily transform it into a practical space to enjoy. Here are a few innovative ideas to help you revamp your spare bedroom.

Do it Up and Rent it Out

A lot of people deck their spare bedroom out in basic furniture and use it to host visiting friends and family, which is a great use of a room if you actually host visitors on the regular. If you don’t, then this is an incredible waste of space. Luckily, with simply a bed in the room, you can earn an extra income and rent it out. This is ideal for people living in a populated area where a room is hot property. If you decide to go down this route of offering a room for rent, it is a good idea to refresh the décor and furnish the room with a wardrobe and a desk. These small touches can help increase the value of your room. However, you would also benefit from reaching out to services that can help get your room noticed by potential tenants.

Turn it Into a Pet Palace

A faithful pet offers unconditional love, and they are there for you through thick and thin. There is a special connection between a pet and its owner. In fact, studies suggest that over 90 percent of pet owners regard their dogs and cats as part of the family. If you share this sentiment, then it is only right to dedicate your spare room to your fur-baby. Create a pet palace by filling the room with plump cushions, cozy blankets, and their favorite toys. Give it a cute, personal twist by adding a fun dog house or an elaborate scratching post. Don’t forget to add a water bowl so that they can stay hydrated while you sleep in the next room.

Use it to Zen Out

Everyone needs a little R and R sometimes, and a dedicated chill-out area can help you zen out. Create a relaxation retreat by emptying the room of clutter, painting the walls a mellow tone, and adding comfortable furniture. Scented candles, or an essential oil diffuser, can help make the room feel extra chill. This space can be used for any activity that calms you, such as reading, meditation, or yoga practice.

Convert it Into a Home Workout Studio

If you prefer hitting the gym to practicing yoga poses, then transform your spare space into a home workout studio instead. Portable fitness equipment, such as kettlebells, dumbbells, and exercise balls, are a great addition, while a suspension training system will enable you to work out your entire body. Suspension trainers take up very little room and can help you achieve an effective workout. Make sure you have padding to protect your floor if you decide to install heavy-duty equipment.

Walk-In Closet

A walk-in closet is the best use of a spare room if you are an avid fashionista. The use of a walk-in can stop your closet from overflowing, which can help keep your bedroom tidy and clothes off the floor. This leaves your bedroom just for sleeping, which for some people is the ultimate idea of relaxation.