4 Tips For Designing Your Bedroom on a Budget

Designing your own bedroom is a fun process, however, it can be a challenge if you don’t have the budget you’d like to work with. Yet, despite not having millions of dollars to spend in the most expensive furniture stores in the world, you can still make your bedroom chic and stylish—all it takes are a few creative tips. If you’re ready to design the perfect bedroom without spending a fortune, here are some of the best tips to see you through.


When you have a limited budget to work with, it’s important that you prioritize a list of what you need. Since you can’t possibly buy everything you want, start with the most important items on the top of the list and allocate them to your budget first.

Determine which parts of your bedroom design you can’t live without, and buy those first. For example, buy a bed frame and a mattress before worrying about fancy bedding. In other words, focus on making the cake before you worry about adding the icing.

DIY is Your Friend

As much as you might like to buy everything new, don’t forget that you’re working with a strict budget. DIY whatever you can, and have fun doing it! From repurposing old furniture that you buy at thrift stores to creating your own art, there are all sorts of different ways that you can incorporate DIY into your bedroom.

The best part is not only will you save yourself a considerable amount of money creating things yourself, but many times DIY comes out much better than anything you could buy in the store. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind unique piece, then make it yourself!

Buy Used

Before you start allocating all your budget to brand new pieces, consider shopping around for second-hand first. From garage sales to online marketplaces like Facebook, you’d be surprised how many almost brand-new items you can find for a fraction of the price.

Not only that, you’re doing the earth a favor by buying used instead of constantly buying new. Don’t be afraid of breathing new life into used items either. You can always reupholster or paint things to switch it up a little. It’s all about having a creative eye.

Embrace Color

Although muted tones like tans, grays, and beiges are all the latest rage, don’t be afraid to embrace a little color! Painting an accent wall in your bedroom can make a strong impact on the overall look and feel of the room, and make it look much more expensive than it actually is. If paint isn’t your thing, then consider adding wallpaper to one wall. A little splash of bold color can make you feel like you’re in a 5-star hotel.