4 Common Home Plumbing Myths Busted

We don’t often think about how much we depend on our plumbing systems working without any issues. It is only when the tragedy strikes that we discover that when faced with some types of problems, we are helpless, and we need to contact the experts.

If everything is running smoothly, there’s no reason to check the condition of the pipes, or at least that’s what most of us are thinking. Unfortunately, it is often the case that much bigger issues could be avoided by dealing with them earlier. In a second, you’ll learn what are the most common plumbing myths. Let’s go!

Easy solutions exist!

We would expect that, given the fact that it is 2020 already, there would be an easier way to unclog your toilet, or fix the pipes. Though you may find products that, according to the label, should fix all of your problems, the reality may be more depressing. Sure, drain cleaners might help you several times before they destroy the pipes, leading to much more severe problems.

Knowing that you could fix your issues with an easy fix provides comfort, but sadly it is a false comfort. According to the experts at Plumbing Force, if you have doubts about whether the solution could potentially lead to a major catastrophe later on, it is better to let someone more experienced deal with it. In the long term, it will only save you some money.

Is it leaking? Not a big deal!

Many people are simply used to their faucets dripping, but you should remember that it is not a normal situation, and you should deal with it before it goes out of hand. The thing is, the leaking has to have some cause behind it, meaning that it is only a symptom of some other issue. If every part of your plumbing system is installed correctly, there shouldn’t be any leaks. It is better to contact an expert that will check what could be causing it. It will unnecessarily increase your water bills, which means that if you ignore the problem for long enough, you would have been better off financially contacting a plumber.

And think of the environment. Our impact on Mother Nature is increasingly more dire. Sure, if you’ll be the only person not wasting water, it won’t do much good, but let’s multiply this amount by the entire population of your country. Now it gets more serious, doesn’t it?

Is it working? If it does, there’s no problem!

It is often the case that we ignore issues that are not making it impossible to function. If it takes longer than usual for the water from your bath to drain, but it kind of works, then surely you could ignore it? Wrong! Similarly, as is the case with the faulty faucets, issues with bathtubs could be ignored if it weren’t for the fact that there must be something more serious that’s causing it.

If you don’t have much experience with the plumbing systems, your best bet is to contact a professional. Just because you don’t see any visible problems, it doesn’t mean that there is everything fine with your pipes.

There’s just not enough time!

Many of us live hectic lives, and regular maintenance of the plumbing system seems to be out of the question. We have so many responsibilities that we are afraid to neglect, so we have to prioritize. The threat of the pipes bursting due to pressure seems distant; we would rather worry about the fact that our neighbour is making more money than we do.

When the tragedy finally strikes, we are surprised and scared, because there wasn’t any way to foresee the incoming trouble. Wrong! Ironically, ignoring regular maintenance means that you’ll have to spend more time and money on fixing those issues. Unfortunately, when something is not imminent, we often choose to avoid taking any action. Ideally, you would regularly contact a plumber to check if everything is working just fine. If you don’t have much money to spare, you could even ask your friends whether they have any experience with plumbing.

Nothing could have prevented it!

Plumbing systems are a big mystery to many of us. Why does it run smoothly sometimes, while at other times no matter how much energy you’ve wasted, the water is still not draining? There is nothing wrong with the lack of knowledge – not everyone has extensive experience with plumbing. The essential part, though, is to know where to turn to experts for help.