Random Number Generator in Slots and how to beat it

Slots are some of the most popular games at casinos. Thousands of players flock to the Amazon slots every day, enjoying the wide variety of themes and gameplay additions. Players who are new to slots may have encountered the phrase RNG or random number generator with their slots but have little to no idea what this means for them or their slot gameplay. In truth, the RNG is the most vital piece of technology in a slot machine. Below you’ll find out all you need to know about the random number generator in slots and the ways in which you can beat it!

What is the RNG?

Let’s start with what the RNG is exactly. The RNG stands for random number generator and it is a piece of coding that is part of the inner workings of a slot, this piece of code helps the slot to work out complex sums which enable it to produce an entirely random result. This means that no matter what, the outcome of your spin will be completely random. The RNG is linked with another phrase, the RTP. This stands for the return to player and this is a percentage which details the amount that will be returned to a player over a specific period of time. In most slots you will find this percentage to be around 95% but it has been known to deviate, with some offering a low RTP of 90% while others have a high RTP of 99! Without the RNG the return to player wouldn’t be able to function properly.

Why is it important?

The RNG is incredibly important for a number of reasons, the first of which is that it keeps the slot from being biased against players. The RNG helps make sure that the slot is not rigged against the players, gambling commissions make sure that every slot in a casino has an RNG and punish casinos which don’t abide by those rules by revoking their license! An important thing for players to remember about the RNG is that the randomness does not necessarily equate to equalness, if you feel that some symbols are showing up more regularly than others this isn’t the RNG just trying to even things out a little but a completely random sequence that just happens to land on these numbers.

Ways to Beat it

Currently there are no ways to beat the slot RNG in a traditional sense, it was created to make sure that this would be impossible. However, players can beat the RNG in the sense that understanding a slot’s RNG and how it impacts the game can actually improve your own slot playing experience. While it is not imperative knowledge to do well, understanding how the RNG works can lead to you making different decisions with the way that you play, decisions which are ultimately wiser and more strategic.


The Slots RNG is unbeatable, there is no way to avoid or get around it. However that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! The RNG is completely random which means that it doesn’t favour the player or casino more than the other.