Chrome, Plastic, or Steel: Which Lug Nut Cover is Best for Your Semi?

Trucking can be a job or a way of life for some. It’s not uncommon for truckers to spend most of their time on the road.  As a semi truck driver, you are practically living in your semi-truck. As a job, you’ll need lots of experience and seat time. You’ll have to be mindful to check your tire pressure, fuel, trailer alignment, wheels and find the right chrome lug nut covers for your truck before taking off onto the road.

As you are spending all your time on the road on your semi-truck, why not add a bit more style to him?  The best way to add a bit more character to your bestie without it becoming a costly endeavor is through lug nut covers.

Lug nut covers can serve your truck in several ways. They act as a deterrent against people driving too close to your semi-truck. It can endanger you and the other if they are not mindful to keep a good distance from your truck. Motorists tend to drive more carefully around big rigs with lug nut covers, especially spikes, which look intimidating. The more careful others are around you, the more comfortable and safer your drive becomes.

Lug nut covers can serve another purpose. A lot of semi-truck drivers check their mirrors to ensure the wheels are turning. It can also help make sure the brakes hadn’t frozen up in winter conditions.

When it comes to materials for your lug nut covers, you can choose from chrome, plastic, stainless steel and colored vinyl. The most common ones you’ll see are the chrome plastic ones.  If you are concerned about your lug nut covers rusting, choosing those made of plastic is the best option for you. Chrome steel ones are likely to rust more frequently than stainless steel ones. Higher quality lug nut covers will last longer in rough driving conditions on a daily basis.

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