Android slots Apps vs IOS Mobile Applications

When it comes to playing slot machine games on your phone, you have two main options: downloading Android mobile applications, or downloading IOS mobile applications – discover more here. There are differences between how these operating systems run slot machine games, so even if this all sounds like technical nonsense to you, you should read on – it’s important stuff for anyone who is a fun of playing slots!

Android slots apps

First of all, lets discuss Android. If you don’t own an iPhone, it’s highly likely that your phone runs on Android, and this means that you use the Google Play Store. This a virtual store where you can download all sorts of software, including slot machine games. However, there’s a pretty interesting conundrum that might make Android a bad option depending on what country you live in. Android are quite conservative and do not like to condone gambling, so as you can imagine this has a detrimental effect on Android slots apps! However, if you live in one of the following countries, you could be in luck:

– UK

– Ireland

– France

If you live in one of these countries, good news – Android has come to their senses and allowed Android users to download slot machine apps that use real cash! However, if you live elsewhere then there is a high chance that the only Android slot machine apps you will be able to download are ‘play for free’ – in other words, no cash involved!

iOS Slots Apps

If you use an iPhone, then you will have iOS as an operating system. Lucky for you, Apple are far more progressive when it comes to the world of online slots games, meaing that unless gambling is illegal in your country, you should have no problem finding slot machine games that use real cash! So, you might be thinking – ‘I’m a huge slots fan, should I ditch my Android phone and get an iPhone?’ Not so fast, there’s a catch. Most slot machine games and Android apps are written in a programming language called HTML. This allows for quick and easy production of slot machine games. However, iOS does not use HTML and instead utilizes it’s native programming language. This has frustrated slot machine game developers for many reasons:

– iOS development is a lot more expensive

– Many slot machine developers only know HTML and not the iOS native language

– iOS development is therefore a lot more time consuming

As you can imagine, this has led to many slot machine companies from boycotting IOS altogether – it’s just too much of a faff!

The Results

Overall, choosing between Android and IOS slots apps is more complicated than it sounds! The main thing you need to consider is your location – if Android don’t allow gambling apps to exist in your country, obviously IOS is the better option. However, if you live in the UK, Ireland, or France, you’re likely to have a larger selection on the Android store. Confusing – hopefully in the future these companies can agree to compromise, and we can all enjoy mobile slots no matter where we live!