4 Signs That It’s Time To Call A Plumber

It’s infinitely easier for you to solve a home maintenance problem if you detect it at an early stage, because oftentimes once you realize that you have a plumbing emergency, it has already become a large and costly issue.

All kinds of emergencies occur unexpectedly, including plumbing emergencies, which is why it’s advisable for residents of the GTA to keep in contact with a round-the-clock plumber in Toronto to make sure you’re taking proper preventative measures to avoid an emergency. Failing to promptly address a plumbing emergency might result in additional repair costs and excessive property damage. Here are four signs that should alert you when its time to call for the services of a plumber.

Failure Of A Bathtub To Drain, Or A Clogged Toilet
You might think that using clog-removing products can solve the problem of a slowly draining bathtub, and a good plunging job can cure the problem of a clogged toilet. To some extent, this might help but it isn’t a long lasting solution to the problems. You might still experience the clogging even after trying to work with several home methods. You should therefore assume that there might be a large obstruction in the pipes, thus requiring you to seek the services of an experienced plumber.

Water Running In Your Pipes Or Toilet
If you hear water running in your pipes when you are not using it in your house, there definitely might be a leakage somewhere. Clear evidence of this is the appearance of brown spots on the ceilings, floors and even walls. This can happen at anytime, hence the need for you to have a round-the-clock plumber to service your pipe network at any time of the day. To be sure that there is a leakage somewhere, you should check whether the meter is spinning while no water is in use.

If you hear gurgling noises while either running your laundry machine, flushing your toilet, or when running your dishwasher, it indicates the presence of a clogged drain. If this occurs, you should immediately switch off the appliance in use to avoid backup, then contact a plumber. If gurgling occurs while the toilet is not running, you should definitely know that the system is clogged. This might lead to backup, which could result in extreme damages.

Faucets Continuous Dripping
You can easily ignore a dripping faucet until your utility bill comes, and that’s when you understand the amount of water that goes into waste but you still pay for it. If you are unable to tighten the joints by yourself, call a professional plumber to fix it for you.

If you’re worried about the costly or deleterious effects a plumbing emergency might have on your home and family, contact a round-the-clock plumber in Toronto today. A professional plumber will resolve your plumbing issues in no time, and offer you tips and tricks to help prevent further emergencies from happening in the future. Keep the number of a trusted round-the-clock plumber on your fridge or in your wallet – better safe than sorry!