Types of Coffees Around the World


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Coffee is one of the most popular beverages all over the globe. Almost every other person starts his daily morning routine with a cup of coffee, but it is also a fact that we all don’t possess enough knowledge of coffee and its major types. It is not due to the non-existence of creativity and experimental skills, but we all lack proper knowledge about the types of best coffee blends that exist all over the world. For us, the exquisite taste and perfect aroma of coffee are enough to wake us up all day long. And it is true because coffee carries significant importance in keeping your mind active, and it gives you energy.

For human health, there are different benefits of coffee; for instance, it helps in improving the cardiovascular system, reduces weight, and much more. If you are a true coffee lover, then you must know about different types of coffee in the whole world; it will not only increase the knowledge but will also provide you an idea about different types of coffee you can try in the future.

Let us add something extra in your existing knowledge by defining different types of coffee all over the world. If you are enthusiastic about learning something productive, then the current discussion is the ideal way to grab the most relevant information.

Types of Coffee around the world

We know that the dread of disliking coffee is valid for different people because a poor cup of coffee is enough to spoil your whole day. That’s why people prefer a similar cup of coffee every day as their taste buds like the taste. It makes people stick with the same type of coffee without knowing the fact that there are various types of coffee with unique taste and great aroma.

Every country has its type of signature coffee. For instance, flat white coffee is famous in Australia; café Cubano is popular in Cuba. The Turkish people truly admire Turkish coffee, and in Italy, people prefer taking espresso. It is quite interesting to explore the best types of coffees because a great variety can give you better options as well. We are presenting you the list of most popular coffees you can try next time in your future trip.

  • Café Cubano

The name can give you a better idea that its originality is associated with Cuba, and it is found as one of the most favorite coffees and best compliments the local meals of Cuba. Drinking this type of coffee keeps the Cuban culture prominent in some parts of America. Initially, the coffee gets prepared by using dark roasts that get ready in Spain and Italy. This type of coffee is an espresso, and you can enjoy the bubbly creamy taste as it includes Demerara sugar and espresso brew.

To make it sure that your coffee has maintained a proper consistency, you can whisk espresso with a teaspoon of sugar till you notice a thick foaming texture. Café Cubano is famous for its thick foaming consistency, and each sip of it gives an entirely different imaginative feel. So, if you are planning to visit Cuba in the future, this type of coffee must be tasted without any delay.

  • Flat White

If you haven’t visited New Zealand or Australia yet, then we are share that you don’t have ample knowledge about Flat White coffee. It is one of the most demanded coffees by kiwi, and it is originally from Australia and New Zealand. You can easily make the Flat White coffee as it just requires you to take the steamed milk out of the bottom of the jug and later pour it over a single espresso shot.

The reason for taking steamed milk out of the bottom of the jug is that it is not much frothy but creamier as compared to milk on the top of the flask. The velvety texture makes this coffee super amazing to try. There occurs a significant similarity in this type of coffee and latte because both of them are well-known for the creamy and frothy texture and velvety taste.

We strongly recommend this coffee for the beginners, and the reason is that it has less milk and foam than Latte. Beginners can enjoy moderate frothy and creamy coffee. Australia and New Zealand are known as the best travel destinations for tourists. So, if you have any plan of visiting these countries in the future, then you must try Flat White as we are sure that this type of coffee will be added as a favorite one due to its unique taste.

  • Mazagran Coffee

Before we start defining the significant attributes of this coffee, let us tell you one thing that it is not a preferable type of coffee to start your daily life morning routine. Initially, the coffee got formulated in Algeria after the world war of 1940, but now the people of Portugal also enjoy this unique type of coffee. Usually, this type of coffee is known as “Original iced coffee,” and the reason is that it is cold coffee. The ideal way to serve the coffee is to pour it over the ice and later serve it in long narrow glasses.

The best thing about this coffee is that before serving, a shot of rum gets added into it, which gives it a completely different taste. The core ingredients of this coffee include sugar, black coffee, ice, and lemon juice. We prefer this sweet and bitter coffee as an ideal beverage in the afternoon. Take a sip and continue the pending tasks with total energy.

  • Irish Coffee

If you prefer this cup of coffee over the traditional cup, then we must tell you that it is a great choice to boost up your energy level. You can get the idea from its name that the coffee was originated from Ireland back in 1942. The coffee was used to tranquil the abandoned passengers of Shannon Airport; that is why it is known as the ideal drink to keep you calm.

This type of coffee gets prepared by mixing sugar, whiskey, heavy cream with the brewed sugar. If you want to try some weird kind of coffee with your friends, then go for it, as it is an excellent option to enjoy pubs and restaurants. We don’t suggest it as a morning start-up as it is more than a cocktail, however, to recharge your daily routine, you can experiment it. You can also try some different other types of coffee you can try to experience a unique aroma.

  • Eiscaffee

This type of coffee has a considerable resemblance to dessert, and this type of cold coffee gets prepared in some strange ways. The coffee is originated from Germany and gets ready by mixing ice cream and coffee. If you wish to enjoy sweet as well as creamy coffee, then don’t miss out on Eiscaffe. You can make it by adding 2,3 scoops of desired ice creams in a glass along with the brewed coffee.

The Final Words

We are sure that it was an excellent opportunity for coffee lovers to explore different types of coffee. You can taste them too whenever you plan your next trip to desired destinations. However, focusing a proper guideline on purchasing coffee is always recommended so that you may get the required type of coffee without any scam.