Skincare Guide: How to Reduce Signs of Aging

You’re only as young as you feel, but your skin can often have other plans. Without a proper skincare routine and smart choices regarding your lifestyle, your skin can easily make you look a lot older than you are.

Trying to reduce the signs of aging, especially as a preventative measure, is something many people aim to achieve, and it’s something a good skincare routine can make possible.

What are the Signs of Skin Aging?

Just some of the signs of aging on your skin include:

  • Dull skin
  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Sun damage
  • Visible pores
  • Age spots
  • Dry skin

How to Reduce Signs of Aging

  • Stop Smoking and Take Care with Alcohol

Apart from all the other health risks associated with smoking, it can also result in dullness of skin and complexion and contribute to skin aging. Coupled with another bad habit — drinking alcohol — this can be detrimental to your skin. Alcohol dehydrates you, which means less hydrated skin, too. To give your skin the best chance, ditch the cigarettes and also try to moderate your alcohol consumption.

  • Wear Sunglasses

If your face is constantly frowning or squinting against the bright light, your skin is going to suffer for it. This can increase the chances of lines and wrinkles in the same places over time. Wearing sunglasses will help you avoid squinting and protect your eyes at the same time.

  • Try for Professional Treatments

There is a lot you can do to promote better skin health, but that doesn’t mean that more professional treatments can’t help give your skin a boost, either. You can make an appointment with a dermatologist, book yourself in for regular facials, and even use skincare technology at home to help care for skin, like NuFACE.

  • Protect Your Skin Against the Sun

This applies to both natural sunlight and if you’re a fan of tanning beds. Exposure to UV rays can be harmful to your skin and not just on your face. Always make sure to apply sunscreen whenever you’re going to be spending time out in direct sunlight, and opt for a self-tanner if you can instead of spending time on sunbeds. Covering up your skin, such as with long-sleeved clothing and hats, can also help to keep the light off your skin.

  • Know When to Wash Your Face

Washing and cleansing are an important part of your skincare routine, and it’s important to keep up with it. Washing your face in the morning and evening is essential, but you should always make sure to wash your face after sweating, too, whether after a workout or simply during a hot day. Leaving sweat on your skin can encourage irritation and promote skin blemishes or other problems, so keep it clean.

  • Get Started as Soon as Possible

Reducing the signs of aging doesn’t have to wait until they start to appear. The sooner you can think about better skincare habits, the better, and it’s generally a great idea to get started in your late 20’s or 30’s to give your skin the best chance for the future.