Pertinent Questions to Ask Before Buying CBD Online

Have you been wondering about buying CBD online and didn’t know how to go about it? It’s quite simple, and you need to check out the several brands available before choosing one that suits you best before placing the order.

However, before you place the order, you may have some pertinent questions for which you need the right answers. Did you know that CBD is one of the fastest-growing industries with several players in the market? However, not all may be safe, and you need to be cautious before buying.

Here are some questions to ask before buying CBD online:

Is the Product Tested by an Independent Lab?

One of the first questions you need to ask is whether a 3rd party lab duly tested the product. If it’s so tested, you should be able to view the lab reports. The lab report will give you information about the number of cannabinoids used and whether any contaminants were present.

Did a Certified Lab Perform the Analysis?

Another critical question is whether a certified lab performed the analysis. Labs that follow the prescribed procedures will ensure accurate analysis and reports. The lab has to be certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). If the lab is certified by ISO, it meets the required standards. Some companies may have other certifications like ILAC; however, ISO certification is what is preferred.

Does the Report State there are no Contaminants?

The primary purpose of a laboratory report is to check if there are any contaminants present. Lab tests can detect the presence of metals or microbial contaminants like bacteria or mold, which are harmful to humans. If you check the “status” column in the report, you can establish whether the product has passed the test. If the contaminants exceed the safe limit, the report will say so, and the status will indicate “failed.” It is critical to understand how to read lab test results before buying CBD online.

Is the THC Content 0.3% or Less?

You are probably aware that THC is legal in a few states and illegal in many others. For a CBD product to be legal, it can contain only a specified amount of THC. The maximum permitted amount varies from 0.3% to 0.5%, depending on the state. This is the legally prescribed limit as it is considered safe and will not inflict any psychoactive effects of THC. It is always safer to pick a product that contains less than the specified amount of THC.

What Ingredients Go Into the Product?

Whenever you buy a product, it is advisable to look at the ingredients list. Manufacturers must list the ingredients the product contains, which need to be listed with the approx quantity.

Even if you can’t understand what each element stands for, it is easy to search online (Google search), get information about the ingredient, and find out how safe it is or whether it has any side effects. While at it, please check if the ingredients are natural and organic or have any additives that are not permitted.

What is the Source of the Hemp?

Hemp is the primary source from which CBD is extracted. It makes sense to know where and how the Hemp was cultivated. It is good to know if any chemical fertilizers were used while growing the Hemp and if any harmful pesticides were used to keep pests at bay.

Most manufacturers claim that the isolates they use were extracted from organic Hemp, which needs to be verified. If the manufacturer has a direct relationship with the Hemp-supplier/grower, they may have first-hand knowledge of the produce.

Summing it Up

Today’s world of e-commerce makes it easy to buy anything online. However, shoppers need to be cautious about the products they buy online and check their authenticity before buying. Most companies give details about the purity and potency of the ingredients used in their products, making them trustworthy.