How Losing Sleep Can Cause You to Put on Weight

If you have been meaning to add a few more hours to your sleep time, you may want to consider the latest Swedish research claiming losing sleep might cause you to gain weight.

If you have a chronic sleep problem, keep irregular hours at work, or you burn the midnight oil binge-watching, you are at risk of slowing down your metabolic rate.

Based on findings involving 15 adults, the researchers established that losing sleep is closely linked to tissue-specific changes in the DNA’s methylation, which is a mechanism responsible for regulating the body’s gene countenance. All those who sleep for the recommended number of hours are unlike to experience the change in DNA.

The impact of sleep on your metabolism

After a long period of being awake at night, when compared to normal hours of sleep, your body is likely to experience a change in its DNA methylation in genes linked to weight-related issues like obesity or type 2 diabetes. This change also occurs in genes that control adipose function, like the process through which fat cells in your body absorb fatty acids.

Adipose tissue is a leading contributor to the negative effects associated with loss of sleep and your body’s circadian rhythm. This research targets those who do shift work, where there is a high likelihood of disrupted sleep.

For such a work schedule, normal sleep resumes in the morning. This can disrupt the body’s metabolism leading to an increase in the risk of type 2 diabetes or obesity. Most people with a disrupted sleep tend to become obese and keeping weight down can be a huge problem.

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Loss of sleep causes a domino effect on your body

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, the quality of sleep the body needs changes as you age.

A baby between the age of 4 and 12 months needs close to 16 hours of sleep. That includes a regular nap. Once the child becomes a teenager, the amount of sleep needed decreases to 10 hours. An average adult aged between 18 and 60 needs at least 7 hours of sleep.

Sleep deprivation should not be a way of life. In addition, you should not get used to sleeping fewer hours since you cannot carry forward the deficit. If that happens, the effect will take its toll on your body.

Not sleeping enough will affect your quality of life in general. You might not be able to drive properly and the chances of being involved in an accident are very high. A student might not make to class while a married couple may end up having marital issues.

Based on a recent research study, there are a series of short-term effects associated with loss of sleep. For instance, a person can develop mood disorders. Some people develop memory loss and their cognition is disrupted. Long-term effects include hypertension and heart disease.

The findings from this research indicate that losing sleeping is the time bomb. It effects are hidden from view most of the time, but they will manifest in a series of adverse ways, both emotionally and physically.

A disrupted internal clock

The Swedish research study’s intent was to mimic severe sleep deprivation in people who keep a night schedule to understand how it affects sleep patterns.

Although the researchers focused on a single night, these results pointed to the potential effect of regular sleep deprivation. Sleep deprived people have a much lower insulin sensitivity level. However, the actual consequence of sleep deprivation varies depending on the kind of sleep deprivation a person is experiencing. It can be chronic or acute deprivation.

If you start experiencing sleep disruption, simply reboot your schedule. A single evening can help you restore your sleep to its default mode. However, such a recovery should take place during the night, because some research finding indicates that sleeping during the day is not equally restorative.

So, whether you work during the day or at night, the body’s internal clock is wired to function at an optimum level when your sleep at night. Sleeping during the day will knock your internal clock off balance.

Final Take

Sleep deprivation can cause many problems for your body and health in general. After a period of deprivation, you need to restore the body’s balance. The best time to do that is during the night since sleeping during the day can interfere with your internal clock.