How Businesses Can Respond To The Clean Label Movement

Customers are careful about what they are putting in their shopping carts at the grocery store and stocking in their cupboards at home. They read all of the ingredients listed on food labels and the fine print on boxesto check if anything unhealthy is hiding in plain sight. If companies want to wipe their labels clean to please savvy customers, they should upgrade their recipe ingredients.

What Is The Clean Label Movement?

There is no set definition of a clean label for customers and food companies to follow — the movement is based on the principle that food products should be made with a few natural ingredients to avoid any negative impacts on health. While eliminating every single element that is believed to be a health problem is near-impossible for some companies, the smartest response is to get rid of as many as they can.Here are just some of the products that companies should think about reducing, replacing or completely removing from their recipes:

  • Artificial flavours
  • Artificial colours
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Artificial preservatives
  • High-fructose corn syrup
  • Trans-fats



How Can Companies Clean Their Labels?

Companies can use a reliable supplier to find an array of alternatives for any ingredients that are not believed to be clean or healthy. The supplier CCC Ingredients carries a variety of solutions for improving recipes and substitutes for artificial elements like sweeteners, colours, flavours and preservatives. They have meticulously sourced options from leading distributors from across the globe so that their clients can get the most innovative ingredients on the market. Their team will guide companies toward the ingredients that best suit their needs for functionality, as well as meet their standards for payment. With the assistance of a supplier like CCC Ingredients, companies can find a way to modify their recipes and get their products to be officially declared as clean.


Why Should They Make These Changes?

Businesses within the food industry need to start cleaning up their labels in order to adapt to new cultural shifts and consumer demands. Studies have shown that millennials are changing the food industry because they are looking for sustainable and health-conscious products—this means that businesses have to cater to more natural, plant-based diets than in previous generations. It’s also important that companies address the health concerns that consumers have about certain ingredients being in their food products. For instance, when parents are worried about artificial food dyes causing symptoms like hyperactivity in children, you can find solutions that will help you stick to your brand and please consumers. Natural food dyes can ensure that you fix an issue with your product and ease the concerns of parents without diverting too far from your product’s look and flavour.


The clean label movement is continuing to gain more loyal followers and it doesn’t look like it’s going to disappear anytime soon. Businesses need to look at their formulas and start making some ingredient changes if they want to adapt to the current cultural climate and keep hungry customers happy.