How a BSN Degree Can Accelerate Your Nursing Career

If you’re the type of person who is always doing their bit to help others and want to make a positive impact, your calling in life may be nursing. Whatever role you go into, a career in nursing can provide a great sense of accomplishment, knowing your hard work and efforts go into helping those in need.

For those who already work as an RN (registered nurse), there may come a point where you’re after bigger and better things. If this is the case, you will need to obtain additional credentials to climb the career ladder, such as a BSN degree. Here are some of the ways a BSN degree can elevate your nursing career and open new doors.

Advanced Job Opportunities

One of the greatest things about a BSN degree is that it can open more employment doors. Like with many nursing roles, particularly management ones, applicants must have a BSN at a minimum to apply. If you like the idea of going into a managerial position, you will need to put the work in and gain qualifications to be accepted and taken seriously.

Once you study for a BSN degree and pass with flying colors, there are advanced job opportunities to take advantage of. For those who want to move away from basic clinical care, you must obtain a BSN degree first. Nurses who study for a BSN degree tend to have more professional selection regarding interesting specialties within the nursing world. These include oncology, pediatrics, and surgery.

Increase in Salary

In life, having financial security is what many of us aim for. If you are already in a nursing career, you may not be satisfied with your current salary. While money shouldn’t be the number one factor, when it comes to keeping the bills paid and a roof over your head, you may want to look into other roles within nursing that pay better. To secure a higher-paying position, you will need to obtain a BSN degree first.

As you enroll on a BSN program, not only will you have more job opportunities to take advantage of, but many of them also come with an attractive salary. In fact, when compared to candidates without a BSN degree, those with one can earn up to $20,000 more annually.

Become a Better Communicator

In nursing, knowing how to effectively communicate with patients and their families, alongside your peers is mandatory. While you will have learned the art of communication during your time in nursing school, should you study for a BSN program, you will learn additional skills that will help you become a better communicator.

Throughout your BSN program, you will have opportunities to engage with fellow students and industry experts who can share their knowledge and wisdom. As you gain more of an insight into nursing, you will feel more confident in your abilities and be able to take on new challenges without worry.

Quality Care

As an RN, there are only so many skills you will have mastered. This means while you will provide the best care possible, those with a BSN program typically provide better patient care. There has even been research that indicates those who go into higher education in nursing make a significant difference in terms of medical outcome. For instance, nurses who study for a BSN program encounter higher success rates with patients, as well as lower failure-to-rescue and mortality rates.

One of the main reasons people go into nursing is to do everything they can to keep patients happy, healthy, and safe. Therefore, if you want to deliver expert care and support and make a positive impact, it makes sense to study for a BSN degree today.

Legal Necessity

If any of the above hasn’t convinced you already to study for a BSN, you may find the program becomes a legal necessity in the near future. In fact, many state legislators have already decided this. In Rhode Island, New Jersey, and New York, bills have been introduced which require current registered nurses to earn their BSN degree within 10 years in order to carry on practicing While none of the states listed have approved this requirement yet, it’s said to be inevitable.

While the legislation may not come into force for many years, if you want to be secure in your nursing role and not worry about losing out, it’s wise to earn your BSN now, rather than having to rush to get it later down the line. Should you hold off, you may find you have to look for alternative employment.


For those working in nursing already, the idea of studying may put you off. With long hours at the hospital, you may simply not have the time to commit to an in-person course. Thankfully, Baylor University offers an accelerated BSN program online. This can be completed within 12 months and can help propel your nursing career forward. One of the main advantages of studying for your BSN online is that you can learn at a time and pace that suits you.

To get the most out of online learning, you will need to allocate time specifically for your studies. After a long and tiring day nursing, it’s wise not to get behind your computer screen and start learning. To succeed in your BSN degree, you will need to learn self-discipline and fit the modules around your work and personal life.

As a registered nurse, you may be toying with the idea of getting your bachelor’s degree in nursing. Of course, you’ll need to invest a large chunk of your time and money into the program, which means any decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, if you aspire to move into higher-ranking positions within the nursing sector, studying for a BSN degree makes sense.

Before you commit to a BSN, ensure you read the course specifications in full, understand the entry requirements, fee structure, and pick a specialty in nursing that aligns with your future career goals.