Fall 2019 Self Care

Fall is a gorgeous time of year when the cooler weather drifts in, the leaves change colors and crisp autumn evenings roll about. It’s also a perfect time to switch things up for your self care routine when the seasons change. What you did during those hot and hazy July and August days may have taken a toll on your face and body, and now you need hydration, balance and softness in every sense of the word.

1. Rich Moisturizer. Even dry complexions can handle those summer days of high heat and humidity, so many women stick to lighter skin care staples like a gel moisturizer, for example. As the fall chill moves in, your skin will be thirsty and looking for a hydrating infusion. Oily complexions also need some moisture.

Try choosing a richer cream or serum for your skin type that adds more protection and hydration for those biting winds and 40-degree temperatures. Moisturizers with hyaluronic acid are ideal for all skin types and skin tones and offer plumpness and suppleness for the skin.

2. Body Scrub. Yes, it’s time to get your scrub on, ladies, especially if you did any kind of tanning via the sun’s rays or even through self-tanning lotions. Your parched skin needs super exfoliation to get rid of those dead, dull skin cells that have piled on by the end of summer.

Try a nourishing body scrub that can tackle dry elbows and heels and remove that flaky, patchy skin that seems to linger into autumn.

There are tons of amazing scrubs in the drugstore aisle that not only smell heavenly but can energize the skin, open the pores and exfoliate. Some scrubs are made with brown sugar, others with almond coconut milk, etc.

3. Warmer Hair. Conditioner is one of your hair’s best friends when the crisp air moves in, but what about the color? Fall is the ideal time to transform your mane by adding cozy autumn shades like copper or cinnamon highlights.

Going bronde is another lovely option with blonde/brown hair. The beautiful caramel color will enhance skin tones with autumn warmth.

Rose gold and butterscotch brown are other rich, warm hair shades for fall.

4. Supplement Adjustment. As we make subtle changes to our physical appearance on the outside, it’s also time for tweaking the supplements you take to keep your body functioning at peak capacity. For instance, most of us see less sun during the fall and winter months, so adding more vitamin D can help you make the seasonal transition.

Maintaining a healthy immune system is key for autumn, and elderberry is an excellent supplement to include for cold prevention.

5. Silky Lips. Believe it or not, your lips also take abuse from the summer season because your lip tissue lacks sweat or oil glands. That makes them vulnerable to sun and wind damage and changes of the seasons. Your lips can blister, get very dry, irritated and chapped when the weather does its thing. Saliva is their only moisture.

Everyone’s lips need protection and immense hydration. Choose a natural lip balm that delivers the essentials with one quick swipe. eos lip balm offers an excellent variety of pure formulas that are made with a combination of 20 to 40 natural extracts. eos lip balm is so good for your lips, and the flavors are divine.

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